The best US casinos where you can enjoy blackjack

While slots may well dominate casinos both on and offline, when it comes to table games it’s blackjack that comes out on top. While casino goers can’t get enough of this classic, for casinos themselves the game is a great revenue driver. 

If you’re looking for a land-based casino experience but you want to be sure that it’s the very best, it’s great to have some recommendations to follow. With that in mind, here’s our take on the top US casinos where you can play blackjack and soak up the atmosphere.

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Best US Blackjack Casinos

The ARIA (Las Vegas) – Best US Blackjack casinos

Of course, you’d expect some of the country’s best blackjack casinos to be in Las Vegas. When it comes to the ARIA Resort and Casino, anyone who attends agrees that this building is truly magnificent. They also agree that no matter what your game of choice is, roulette, baccarat, video poker and naturally slots as well, this is a casino that has you covered.

When it comes to blackjack, there are 30 tables to choose from and that’s more than enough to keep fans of this game entertained. The fact that you can play 24/7 is another plus point here as there’s never that feeling that you’re being rushed to leave. The most popular blackjack game here, and one we recommend you try, is a double deck game that has a $100 minimum wager with the maximum going up to $10,000.

The MGM Grand (Las Vegas) – Best US Blackjack casinos

Another jewel in the Las Vegas crown, the MGM Grand is widely regarded as one of the most iconic casinos in the world. As well as knowing how to put on world-class shows, the team here are also more than capable of providing the best blackjack experience around.  What’s great here is that all players are catered for. If your bankroll is on the small side, you can still enjoy video blackjack with a $5 wager.

When the playing is over, the MGM Grand then has six nightclubs to choose from. These cater for a variety of tastes, but if they’re really not your thing, you can choose to retire to your luxurious room and relax instead.

 Foxwoods Casino (Ledyard) – Best US Blackjack casinos

For a long time, Foxwoods Casino had the honor of being the largest casino in the whole of the US. This title has now been passed onto another operator that we will come to soon. Just because Foxwoods is no longer the biggest doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still one of the best.

This is a casino that has plenty to offer and one of the main attractions is Happy Hour Blackjack. This takes place from midday to 6 pm every Friday and allows players to enjoy the game with a minimum wager of just $5. 

Atlantis (Reno)

If you’re looking to play blackjack in Nevada then the Atlantis Casino Resort is the place to be. It’s widely seen as being the most spectacular place to enjoy blackjack in the entire area. Something that makes this casino so appealing is the player-friendly rules that apply at its blackjack tables.

The Atlantis hosts numerous blackjack tournaments throughout the year. These see players winning cash, trips and even new cars. If you’ve got basic strategy mastered and you’re looking at some rewards for all of your hard work, why not get yourself involved?

Horseshoe (Bossier City)

When people are travelling through east Texas, or maybe heading through Louisiana, it’s well worth making the effort to take a small diversion and take in the casinos in the Bossier City area. There are some great casinos here and our favorite has to be the Horseshoe. Something great here is that you’ll find that natural blackjacks still pay 3:2 rather than the evermore common 6:5.

There is one watch out when playing blackjack at the Horseshoe though – the side bets. While they can certainly bring a touch of variety to the game, the reality is that they will just eat into your bankroll. Enjoy the player-friendly rules and steer clear of the side bets.

The Cromwell (Las Vegas)

Back to Las Vegas, and it has to be said that the Cromwell is one of the best casinos that you’re ever likely to come across. This is a small, classy, boutique casino yet it still manages to offer everything that casino goers could ever wish for. It has a great reputation for being exceptional at all that it offers and this, of course, applies to its blackjack games too.

The Cromwell is a great casino for those who are also fans of golf. You’ll find that there are two of the best golf courses that Nevada has to offer and these are only a short drive away.

WinStar World Casino (Thackerville)

When looking for the best places to play blackjack in the whole of the US, it would be wrong to miss off what is now the largest casino in the country. The WinStar World Casino covers more than 400,000 square feet and, as you can imagine, you can fit plenty of casino games into that space!

This casino started life as a small bingo hall but has since just grown and grown and grown. You’ll find that the blackjack games here are relatively player-friendly but, just like with all other table games here, players are forced to pay a $0.50 ante for each hand that they play. This goes into a kitty and there is no chance of you ever seeing it come back your way. 

The Palazzo (Las Vegas) – Best US Blackjack casinos

Back to Las Vegas for our final casino, but this time you’ll need to head off the Strip. This is the best off-Strip casino that you’ll find in Vegas, and you’ll find that there’s plenty on offer for blackjack players.

The Palazzo is known for its class and luxury and guests adore all that’s on offer here. You’ll find that the blackjack rules are far better than those that you’ll find on the Strip so it’s well worth spending some time here. 

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The Palazzo Las Vegas