New to card counting? You need to read this

Card counting in blackjack is all above board. It’s 100% legal and you’re not going to find yourself on the wrong side of the law by pursuing this strategy. There are many players who are the best at card counting and mastered it so that they can swing the odds in their favor. In this article we´ll take a look at card-counting for beginners.

Although card counting is legally okay, it’s fair to say that casinos are hardly big fans. The reason that they hardly appreciate a skilled card counter is that it’s a skill that works and it costs them money. That means that if you are caught, you may be asked to leave. Get caught again and you may even find yourself being banned. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you.

Card counting is the best chance that you have of being a successful blackjack player. No matter what game you play, the house will always have the edge, no matter how slight. With card counting, you can get this edge down as low as possible. Yes, it’s still gambling but it’s gambling that gives you the best chance possible.

The reality with card counting is that it’s not easy. It can take time to master the skill and many get frustrated and abandon it long before it’s mastered. It has to be said that these people are missing out. They are walking away from the chance to make blackjack profitable, as well as enjoyable. 

It’s easy to understand why players make that decision, but we want to do all that we can to bring these people back. If you’re new to card counting we’ve got tips to help you work your way through. if you’ve tried before and walked away, we hope that we can get you to try again.

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Card-counting for beginners

Card-counting for beginners – Keeping things simple 

When it comes to card counting, one of the most confusing things for those who are new is that there are various methods to choose from. Each method has its own name and each method works a little differently. This can lead to things looking a little complex, but trust us, there’s really no need.

Despite the various methods that exist, there are still basics that they have in common. In fact, there are five steps to each method and these steps are exactly the same in each. These steps are:

  1. Assign card value
  2. Counting cards 
  3. True count
  4. Deviations
  5. Bet spreads 

Card-counting for beginners – Practice, but practice the right way

No matter what you’re trying to learn, or get better at, it’s fair to say that most people appreciate the need to practice. The thing is the way that you practice matters just as much, if not more than the amount of time you actually do it. Let’s say that you’re trying to improve your game of baseball. You can practice 12 hours a day every single day, but if you’re focusing on the wrong things you’re never going to get any better.

With card counting, you need to practice the skill itself. However, you also need to practice how to carry this out without being spotted. The truth is that new card counters will usually stick out like a sore thumb. A dealer can usually recognize what’s going on after only one or two hands. You need to practice so that you’re better than that.

Be selective when choosing your game 

You probably already know that most casinos are brimming with games of blackjack. It can take a little time to walk around to fully appreciate what’s on offer. The thing whit card counting is that you need to find the games with the most player-friendly rules. Yes, you should always be looking for these but it matters even more when you’re counting cards.

Card counting, correctly, will always bring the house edge down. However, if you’re sat at a table where the house edge is sky high to start with, the reality is that you’re minimizing the benefits that this skill can bring you.

Card-counting for beginners – Be cautious with spread bets 

To be successful with card counting, you need to have a great understanding of how to spread bets. When the count is in your favor, that’s the time to bet more money. When the tide has turned and the counts going against you, that’s the time to bet less.

Sounds pretty simple right? The problem is that dealers will spot what you’re up to in an instant. To be successful, you need to find a spread that achieves your aims but also keeps you under the radar. 

Drink to your advantage 

If you go ahead and get carried away with one too many alcoholic beverages, you can be sure that your card counting efforts will fall flat on their face. To be successful at this skill, you need a clear head and you need to be able to concentrate and focus. However, sit there sipping squash and you’re likely to attract a little bit of attention.

The best options here are to go for lighter beers or alternate between one alcoholic drink and then a non-alcoholic one. It’s about keeping your wits about you with a clear head without drawing unnecessary attention your way. Next time you’re in a casino, take note of how people behave in terms of their drinking habits. You need to be as close to mimicking that behavior as you can.

Final thoughts 

Card counting is tough to learn and master, but it’s certainly worth putting in the effort. Once you’ve mastered it, it’s something that’s with you forever and you’ll always be able to do it. put in the hours and make sure that your practice is the right kind.

Part of the skill here is being a little sneaky. You need to hide what you’re doing to avoid being asked to live. Trust us, the better you get at this skill the more you’ll want to shout it from the ref tops as it’s a great feeling to know you’ve beaten the house. But, ssh: it’s a secret!

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