How to disguise how good at blackjack you really are

We have spoken at length about card counting and the benefits that it brings to your game of blackjack. Yes, it’s something that’s got harder to do in recent times, but if you can pull it off then you stand to reap some serious benefits. The problem is, once you know how to do it you’re always going to want to do it. The other problem is that casinos will know your game. In this article we take a look at how to disguise your blackjack skills and use this to your advantage at the casino. 

Card counting is perfectly legal. The problem with it is quite simply down to the fact that it works. Casinos know that it works and that’s why adjustments have been made to the game that makes it harder than ever. When you do manage to pull it off, casinos know what they’re looking for and you’ll quickly be asked to leave.

If you want to make the most of card counting, and how good you really are at blackjack, you need to find a way to hide it. The longer that the casinos are unaware, the longer you can play for and the more you can win. Not sure how to do this? Well, we’re here to help.

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Disguise your Blackjack Skills

The two ways of blending in

If you want to carry on card counting then you need to blend in and come across as a typical player. Blackjack players refer to this as using camouflage and there are two types. The first is known as punitive and this means that there is a cost involved. The second is non-punitive. These have no cost and, when you understand them, are easy to implement. We’re going to take a look at both of these now.

Disguise your blackjack skills – Non-punitive camouflage 

When it comes to this type of camouflage, you have one aim: you need to make sure that the casino views you as a run-of-the-mill player. You need them to see you as being nothing special so that they don’t really pay you any attention. That being said, some of these techniques will draw attention to you, but for very different reasons. Confused? Let us explain with some examples:


  1. When you’re a top card counter and have mastered blackjack, you need the dealer to think that you’re a lousy player. When the wins come, you want the house to believe that you’ve just got lucky. Now, some of these things will see you being tutted at by the dealer but they certainly won’t think that you’re anything special.
  2. Think about what you wear. A flash suit and a Rolex are sure to attract attention. Take a look at what typical players are wearing. Then make sure that you blend i
  3. When you sit at the table and are looking to buy in, make sure that you have a machine ticket poking out of your pocket. Why? Well, this suggests that you play slots and this isn’t something that serious blackjack players do
  4. Take a basic blackjack strategy chart with you and make sure that everyone can see it. This shows that you haven’t memorised it yet and makes you look like an amateur
  5. Don’t use hand signals, just tell the dealer that you want to hit or stan
  6. When you talk, mention how your luck is going. It could be good or bad. Just never mention skil
  7. If you lose a hand, make sure that you complain – this is what unskilled players d
  8. Be sure that you have a drink at the table that appears alcoholic when it isn’t reall
  9. Ask others what they would do with your hand. Study it and look confused
  10. If you win big, walk away from the blackjack table and go and pay craps. After a few bets here, call it a night and leave
  11. Keep playing sessions short in the same pit. Never exceed 45 minutes

Easy mistakes to make

  • When playing a single-deck game, hold the card with both hands. The dealer will correct you and tell you to just use one
  • Hold cards below table level and just wait to be told to bring them up
  • Stack your bet in the wrong one with a multitude of colors and place the smallest denomination at the bottom. The dealer will correct you and you need to be taken aback

Disguise your blackjack skills – Punitive camouflage 

What we’ve looked at so far is all about blending in. You play your usual game but you also put on a bit of an act so that no one raises an eyebrow when you win: you’re just seen as having Lady Luck on your side. With Punitive camouflage, you need to be seen to make mistakes that cost you money.

The reality is that you can’t keep doing this as it will soon wipe out your edge. It’s a strategy that will certainly work when it comes to hiding how good you are, but it can get expensive over the long term.

When you’re asked to leave

No matter how well you use camouflage techniques, there’s always the risk that a casino will realize what you’re doing. You could be asked to leave for the night or you could be banned from ever returning. 

When the time comes, just comply. Collect your chips and calmly leave the casino. The truth is that nothing you say will change anything and protesting will cause a scene. Once you’ve got home, take some time to reflect on how you played and how you got caught. Make sure that you’re even better the next time.

Final thoughts on how to disguise your blackjack skills

Card counting is a skill that can lead to some amazing wins when playing blackjack. While this technique is perfectly legal, casinos have made it harder and harder for players to use it. When you do manage to, you need to make sure that you hide it.

Do all that you can to appear like an average, or even sub-average player The longer you blend in, the longer you can keep card counting and the longer you can rack up winnings. That’s what it’s all about. 

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