The $15 million blackjack winner 

Not so long ago, we took the time to review Dana White. As the head of UFC, we explored his casino skills so that we could decide if he was truly a blackjack king. In this article, we’re going to explore another great. One that has racked up a truly amazing $15 million in winnings. Yes, there are plenty of big winners out there, but this one, Don Johnson, was something a little special. Read the Don Johnson Blackjack tips.

This is a player who was more than willing to share how he achieved his winning ways. Rather than just bask in his own glory, he went ahead and shared exactly how he won. So, who is the blackjack wonder? Let’s take a look.

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Don Johnson Blackjack tips

Introducing Don Johnson 

While there is also the Miami vice actor going by the same name, we’d like to be clear that we’re talking about another Don Johnson. It was between 2010 and 2011 that Johnson took to the casinos and racked up his amazing wins. In the space of just one year, he ripped through Atlantic City and walked away $15 million wealthier. What makes Johnson’s winning ways even more impressive is that there was never any card counting involved.

It is often the case that the biggest casino wins are a result of card counting. We’ve covered this strategy numerous times and have always highlighted the fact that it’s one of the best strategies out there. We’re great advocates of it as we truly believe that it gives you the very best chances of a win. However, for Johnson, this just wasn’t necessary. 

So, how did Johnson win so big? Don Johnson Blackjack tips

So, if it wasn’t card counting, what was it that helped Johnson to bag $15 million from playing blackjack? Well, something else that we’re very vocal about is basic strategy. We have often spoken of the benefits of taking the time to master this and the benefits that it can bring. So, if we’ve failed to convince you maybe you’ll listen to Johnson: his $15 million came as a result of playing basic strategy to perfection.

As well as playing perfect basic strategy, Johnson had other skills too. He wouldn’t just accept the casino blackjack rules. Instead, he would negotiate so that he could bring the house edge as low as possible. He also tapped into some amazing special offers that not every player could access.

The great thing about Johnson is that he was more than willing to share his experiences. In fact, Johnson was willing to talk to practically anyone who was willing to listen. He has shared his story across a range of interviews and TV appearances so there’s no reason why we can’t all benefit from his knowledge.

Don Johnson Blackjack tips – A focus on lowering the house edge

As well as sharing his story with much of the mainstream media, Johnson was also more than a little outspoken with the gambling media. This is great news for all blackjack players. It means that, over the years, we’ve all got to learn more about the strategies that he used and exactly how he won.

A significant part of how Johnson played was all about negotiation. He would negotiate at certain casinos to ensure that he was playing with the fairest blackjack rules which meant he was bringing the house edge down. Of course, as always, the casinos would still have an edge, but Johnson manage to ensure that this was pretty insignificant. In fact, he managed to get it down as low as 0.26%

If you want to know some of these player-friendly rules that can have such an impact, here they are:

  • Playing with a six-deck shoe
  • Blackjack pays 3:2 (never accept 6:5)
  • The dealer hits on soft 17
  • Double any two cards
  • Double after split
  • You can resplit aces
  • Late surrender available 

There’s little denying that these blackjack rules are great, but there is still a house edge. Johnson had these rules and played perfect basic blackjack strategy but was still at a slight disadvantage. To get his wins quite as high as he did, Johnson had another tactic to employ.

Betting big plus big rebates

While most players would be happy to see the house edge almost reduced to zero, Johnson was still wanting more. This saw him carrying in with his negotiations and being able to increase the maximum wager to the $100,000 mark. Of course, big bets, when you’re winning, led to some impressive payouts. However, it wasn’t just the level of the maximum wager that mattered: Johnson also negotiated a truly phenomenal loss rebate.

Johnson negotiated his rebate based on his blackjack losses. Rebates are quite common and many high rollers have access to them. The difference here was that Johnson kept pushing. He pushed on with his negotiations so that the edge tilted even more towards him.

So, just how impressive was this rebate rate? Well, Johnson managed, somehow, to get the casinos to agree to 20%. This is huge and meant that if he had a bad night, he knew that he’d recoup 20% of his losses. This can certainly allow you to be a little less cautious with your bankroll management.

Imagine a losing streak where $1 million is wiped from your bankroll. if you had the same terms as Johnson, you’d automatically be given $200,000 of that back.

What are the takeaways?

After winning $15 million in just a 6 month period, it’s fair to say that Johnson has something to offer to every blackjack player. Remember, he won big by mastering basic strategy and being one of the best negotiators out there.

So, what can you do to play like Johnson? These are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Start by finding a blackjack game with the most player-friendly rules and the lowest house edge
  • Take the time to master basic strategy 
  • Play limits that suit you best 
  • Last, but not least, never be afraid to ask for more. Ask casinos for loss rebates and any other perks that bring benefits your way.
21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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Don Johnson