Double Attack Blackjack 

Thanks to the rise of online casinos we have more versions of blackjack than we’ve ever had before. Game providers are always working behind the scenes and coming up with new ideas so that players are constantly entertained. One of the many variants that can be found online is Double Attack Blackjack.

If you’re used to playing the traditional version of blackjack, you’ll find that Double Attack is very similar. There is, however, one huge difference: the latter version of the game has all of the 10s taken out of the deck. As you’d expect, this changes things a little. Let’s take a look at how the game works and the impact that the lack of 10s really has.

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Double Attack Blackjack

A look at playing Double Attack Blackjack 

This is a version of blackjack that is often compared to Spanish 21. That’s because Spanish 21 also has all of the 10s removed from the deck. This means that these two games are played with decks that only contain 48 cards. This smaller deck, and the lack of 10s, allows for some rules that traditional players may not be used to.

The reality is that the majority of the blackjack rules that are introduced in Double Attack Blackjack are player friendly. They include the likes of being able to double a bet after you’ve seen the dealer’s up card which is something well worth considering.

Traditional blackjack vs. Double Attack Blackjack 

As we’ve touched upon, these two versions of blackjack are incredibly similar yet, at the same time, there are significant differences to be aware of. The most obvious, that we’ve already mentioned, is that the game is played with a deck that only contains 48 cards.

Perhaps the most significant difference can be seen in the double attack that the game is named after. This is when you’re allowed to double your bet once the dealer reveals their up card. Of course, it’s not a bet that you’re always going to want to take and it’s worth referring to any blackjack strategy before doubling your wager.

What are the Double Attack Blackjack player options?

There is another significant side bet that players can try while playing Double Attack Blackjack. Known as the “Bust It”, this allows you to receive a payout if the dealer goes bust with three cards. Other options that players have during the game include doubling down and surrendering. Even after you’ve doubled your bet for the double attack, you still have the option to surrender. 

Other points that are worth knowing before you start a game of Double Attack are that the dealer has to stand on all 17s and when it comes to split aces, these can only ever receive a single card. Also, if the dealer has an ace, there is the option of insurance.

What brings a round to an end?

When it comes to insurance, this has been altered so that it takes into account the fact that there are no 10s in the deck. When the cards are all dealt, the dealer moves to check for a blackjack. If the dealer has one the hand comes to an end. Players that also have a blackjack push while all other players lose.

If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack then the hand carries on. If players have a blackjack they get even money payouts. Those without blackjack have several options. These are:


This is when you’re requesting another card. You can, if you choose, just keep hitting until you make 21. of course, if you go over then you’ll be bust.


If you’re happy with your hand and not wanting to take any other action then this is the option that you take.

Double down

To do this, all that you need do is place a new bet next to your original one. The new one can’t be a higher value than the first.


You can surrender at any time while playing Double Attack Blackjack. When you do, you get half of your wager back.


If you have a pair of matching cards, you can split these and create new hands with each.

Strategy for Double Attack Blackjack 

If you’re looking at increasing your chances of a win then you need to know about two factors to consider. The first is about having the knowledge needed to decide whether you should double your initial bet. To be fair, the double attack feature is fairly simple and becomes an option if the dealer is showing any card from 2 through to 8.

The second is to ensure that you know how to play your hand correctly. Here’s a look at just how you can do that:

Hard Hands

In Double Attack Blackjack, this is how you should play hard hands:

  • 4 – 8 Hit
  • 9 – either double down against 9 or hit
  • 10 – double down against 2 – 8 otherwise you need to hit
  • 11 – Double down
  • 12 + 13 – Hit
  • 14 – Stand against 4, 5 or 6. Apart from this, you should hit
  • 15+16 – Stand against 2-6 otherwise hit
  • 17 – Stand but surrender against an ace
  • 18 and higher – Stand

Soft Hands

  • 13-15 – Hit
  • 16 – Double down against 6. Other than this, hit
  • 17: Hit but double down against 4-6
  • 18 – Double down against 5 and 6, hit against 9, 10 or ace. Apart from these, you should stand
  • 19 and higher – stand


  • 2s – Split against 3-6 otherwise hit
  • 3s – Split against 3-8. Anything else hit
  • 4s – Always hit
  • 5s – Double down against 2-8. Apart from this, you should hit
  • 6s – Split against 4-6, otherwise hit
  • 7s – Split against 2-7. With anything else, hit
  • 8s – Always split
  • 9s – Split against 4-6 and 9-9. Other than this you should stand
  • 10s – Always stand
  • Aces – Always split

By following these points, you’ll find that your chances of a win are vastly increased. Why not keep this article beside you while you give Double Attack Blackjack a try for yourself? 

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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Double Attack Blackjack