Evolution’s live craps now in Pennsylvania

When it comes to any live casino game, it’s hard to imagine a company that’s capable of outdoing Evolution. When it comes to the gameplay, the dealers and the sheer quality of the camera angles and HD streaming, it’s fair to say that Evolution has pretty much got it all right. That’s why it’s so great to see its offerings expanding in the US. Evolution live craps is targeted at both experienced players and newcomers alike. As well as coming with a great interactive tutorial, it also features an easy mode that makes the game a little more straightforward. Releasing this game in Pennsylvania takes the state that bit closer to having access to the full cataloge of Evolution’s live dealer games. Let´s take a look at the news on Evolution Live Craps in Pennsylvania. 

Live craps was launched in Europe back in 2020 so there has been a slight delay with rolling this out to the US market. However, Evolution isn’t planning on restricting this latest release to Pennsylvania. Subject to regulatory approval, the aim is to bring the game to both Michigan and New Jersey in the near future.

If the idea of playing live craps online appeals then we’re going to take the time to explore how the game works and if it’s worth giving a go. Read on to find out more.

Evolution Live Craps

Evolution live craps Pennsylvania – how it works

If you’ve ever seen a game of craps being played out in a film, you’ll always see the same thing: the table is surrounded by spectators who are cheering more than just a little enthusiastically. That’s why it’s hard to pull off a great version of online craps: trying to recapture that social aspect is tricky, to say the least. What we can say about Evolution’s  live casino offering is that it’s done a stunning job here and nowhere else will find the social aspect being so faithfully recreated.

As you join the game you may, at first, wonder just what the role of the mechanical arm is. This is here so that you can play as the shooter. The mechanical arm replaces your own which you would of course be using at a land-based casino. The role of the dealer in this game of live craps is to reload the dice into the mechanical arm as required.

The best thing about this game is that it allows beginners to get involved. Many are put off at land-based casinos as they worry that it’s a little too complicated. The truth is, that once you get to grips with it, the game is incredibly simple. Evolution’s interactive tutorials show you just how true this is. 

How to play Evolution live craps Pennsylvania

We’ve already mentioned the mechanical arm that appears in live craps. You may be wondering why Evolution has opted for this rather than just allowing the dealer to roll the dice. Well, this rather unique innovation is there to ensure that everything is kept fair. It means that there can never be any suggestion that the dealer has rolled the dice in a particular way. The arm mimics how a human would roll in that it uses a different level of force and speed each time. 

Something else that keeps things fair, and also adds to the randomness of the game, is that the dice are not placed in the same position of the ‘hand’ for each roll. By placing the dice in different positions, this means that the whole process is as random as it can possibly get.

Once all bets have been placed it’s time for the come-out roll. This is the first roll of the game and the mechanical arm is there to act as the shooter. With the come out roll, there are three main outcomes to be aware of:

  • Natural – the shooter wins if the dice combine to make a total of 7 or 11
  • Craps – this sees the shooter lose as the value of the dice come together to make 2,3 or 12
  • Point – this covers all other possible dice combinations. It is possible for the shooter to win in this scenario but they would need to land the exact same total a second time 

Evolution live craps Pennsylvania – Betting options 

When it comes to betting and the options that are available, this is where confusion starts to creep in. For newcomers, it all looks a little complex but in reality, it’s all fairly simple. Here’s a look at the max betting options that are enough to get you going:

Pass and don’t pass bets

These bets make reference to two areas on the table that are known as ‘Pass line’ and ‘Don’t pass’. These bets are placed according to whether you think that the shooter will win or lose based on the outcomes that we discussed above. If the dice land with a combined value of 12, this is known as a ‘push’ and you get your money back.

Come and don’t come bets

These are bets that can only be placed once the ‘Point’ number is known. Come bets win if the shooter lands a natural –  remember this is a 7 or 11. It loses if craps lands. There are other, more complicated, options to consider but it’s best to get to grips with this first.

Proposition bets

These bets are more complicated than the ones that we’ve just looked at. They are, fortunately, covered by Evolution’s interactive tutorial so this is the best place to head if you want to learn about these, and other, bet types.

Final thoughts 

The major appeal of craps at a land-based casino is the social aspect. Evolution has done an amazing job at recreating this online and this is certainly the best version of craps that you’ll find at any online casino.

In terms of RTP, this will depend upon your bet types, but it varies between 83.33% and 99.17%. The latter of the two may be of interest to blackjack players who are always hunting for games with a low house edge.