Evolution launches Monopoly Big Baller

Okay, this hasn’t got a great deal to do with blackjack but whenever Evolution launches a game it’s something that’s always worthy of a look. Of course, with Evolution as the developer, this is a live casino game and it’s one that’s a welcome addition to its game catalogue. This new release fuses Mega Ball and Monopoly Dreamcatcher and becomes the second title to use the Monopoly game. We’re going to take a look at what the Evolution Monopoly Big Baller game has to offer. We’ll consider how the game works and what the win potential is. If you want to know more about this latest Evolution release then keep on reading.

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Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

What is Evolution Monopoly Big Baller?

Like we said, this hasn’t got a great deal to do with blackjack. Though something that makes Monopoly Big Baller so great is the fact that it’s a live casino game of simplicity. In essence, it’s a game of bingo that you play by using 4 bingo cards. Just as with a traditional game of bingo, you can win prizes by completing lines on your cards. Depending on the bingo card that you’re playing, payouts range from 2x all the way up to 199x.

As well as the bingo cards that you start with, there is also the chance to play with 2 bonus cards. These are known as the 3 rolls and the 5 rolls. if you manage to complete one, or both, of these then you get access to the Monopoly board bonus round and this is where winnings can get even bigger.

Is there anything to know before you start playing?

As we’ve said, the game itself is relatively simple. However, it’s always useful to know as much as you can about a game before you start playing. Some of the things that are with knowing include:

  • You’re able to choose the type and number of bingo cards that are played between the Free Space and Chance cards
  • The game features 3 multipliers. One of these covers the whole card, the second just a line and the third just a number/
  • Line multipliers can payout up to 50x
  • If you have a line, the minimum payout is 2x
  • A 3 rolls win needs 3 numbers
  • A 5 rolls win needs 4 numbers
  • The RTP is 96.10%

How to play Evolution Monopoly Big Baller

The game begins with a set amount of betting time. The first decision that you face is how many cards you’re going to play with and if you want to play the bonus round cards. You then get to decide how many chance and free space cards you want and then it’s time to select the amount that you want to bet.

The numbers that appear on your cards are courtesy of the random number generator. As soon as all players have placed their bets, things get handed over to Mr Monopoly who goes on to pull a lever. This lever adds a random selection of free spaces to the cards as well as multipliers.

There are 60 coloured balls that can be seen bouncing around in the bingo machine. As the machine kicks into life, 20 balls are selected at random. As each ball is drawn, your card is marked off with any numbers that you may have and after all 20 have been drawn, your numbers are looked at as a whole to see any lines that you may have and if you’ve activated any multipliers. If you’ve won anything you’ll see just how much is displayed in the centre of the screen.

How do bonus rounds work?

The bonus rounds are well worth knowing about as these are where you have the opportunity to win big multipliers. If you’ve ever played Monopoly Dreamcatcher then you’ll recognise these bonus rounds as they’re extremely similar. The difference with Big Baller is that the rolls are increased by 3 and 5.

Every bonus round plays out in the same way. All that changes is the number of rolls that are performed. If you’ve managed to win both during the main game, it’s possible to trigger the 3 and 5-roll bonus rounds simultaneously. 

What are the Evolution Monopoly Big Baller payouts?

Just as the game as a whole is all about simplicity, the payouts are also extremely straightforward. The first thing to know is that you don’t place your bets on lines, they are placed on a card. However, you then get payouts for any winning lines.

just how much you’re paid will depend on if you have active multipliers on the card. If you have several multipliers then the line payouts can be given a significant boost.

Here’s a look at the payouts that you need to be aware of:

  • A line will pay 2x at the very least
  • a free space card can payout as much as 39:1
  • With a chance card, you can be paid as much as 199:1
  • There is a cap to the winnings for 3 rooms and 5 rolls. This cap is $500,000
  • If you have a multiplier on your card it can boost your winnings by 2x or 3x
  • If you have a line multiplier, this can boost that line’s winnings by 20x or 50x

What decisions do players have to make?

As you play Monopoly Big Baller, you have several decisions that you need to make. These are:

  • The type of cards that you choose
  • How many cards you’re going to bet on
  • If you want to bet on bonus rounds
  • How much you want to bet

Final thoughts 

We’d love to delve into this game more but we simply don’t have the space to cover everything that it has to offer. What we can say is that Evolution has done a truly amazing job here. Even if you’re not usually a fan of bingo-style casino games it’s fair to say that this one is worth a look. The multipliers are a great touch and give a great way to boost your winnings and all in all, this is a game that’s just fun to play. 

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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Evolution Monopoly Big Baller