Gonzo’s treasure hunt – Help Gonzo to find the treasures

Even the newest online casino player has at some point got in contact with the online gambling favourite character, Gonzo and its quest for treasure. For instance, we have seen the gold-hungry treasure hunter figure in the original title. But also, with the player popular version and added mechanics, megaways. Although, what most players have been waiting for, from the new parenting company to NetEnt creation. It is for Evolution to launch their version of the crowd-pleasing video slot. And as expected, we present with a version fitting a creative mind as Evolution. But, the question is, how do you play, and is it something for you? There is only one way to figure that one out, simply to read our quick, “how to play Gonzo’s treasure hunt”.

Gonzo's treasure hunt

From a generic video slot to live game-show

Indeed, when Gonzo’s quest hit the reels, it was one of the first video slots to successfully utilize the avalanche reels and multiplier feature together in one exciting experience. But, even more significant, for being such a well-rounded game, it was easy to get a handle on. Plus, in relation to its base play as well as bonus features and winning potential. The stake size was exceptionally well calculated to entice an extremely large player pool. By, which expressed collectively amongst many players, is the most promising and predominant attribute that keeps players spinning on all the versions of Gonzo’s Quest. And now, the game show-inspired version. So, without further ado, let’s, in short, explain the main features and how to play Gonzo’s treasure hunt.

General rules to get you on your way

For the most part, you will recognize Gonzos’ treasure hunt. Still, what instantly is different, is, of course, the live presenter, together with a digital Gonzo, standing by the surrounding reels. Moreover, the “Regular” 5-reel and 3-rows, or 15 tile spaces if you prefer, got a makeover. And this to serve the game-show direction better. And instead, the complete game grid makes up of 70 cubes of stone. Now, basically, all you need to do is, First decide on a stake size. Second, what stone to look for? Available are 6 different looking stones. That, of course, carries a different multiplier. Starting from 1x to an impressive 65x, where the higher multiplier has a lower probability of dropping, simply by the fact of fewer in number. Finally, now pick your stake size, and you are on your way.

Evolution, more than table games

For some experienced and industry veterans, Evolution is and will forever get associated with table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. However, with the premier live-casino suppliers’ latest acquisition and spending spree, the direction looks completely different. And this is only if we compare Evolution’s roadmap 1-2 years ago. Though the latest online trend, game show-inspired titles are just up their alley. Meaning, it caters to the developer’s strength, live casino offering. In other words, It’s an excellent time to be Evolution as the business finds its organic growth.

More prices will drop in Gonzo’s treasure hunt

Also included in Gonzo’s treasure hunt are bonus prize drops. In essence, After Gonzo turns the golden key, clearly displayed on the left-hand side, the price drop can commence. Which happens from the top of the reels, where the displayed feature ads to a random stone in the same reel column. And part of the prize drop, you will find such things as more multiplier (2x to 10x), instant bonus value, and also a re-drop. Meaning, the bonus feature starts over from square one. Additionally, after all your pre-picks finish, the game grid will reveal all the stones and their prizes.

Gonzo's treasure hunt

Gonzo’s treasure hunt VR – For the lucky few

We like to point out that Gonzo’s treasure hunt is the first live casino game that can get enjoyed via a VR headset (Virtual Reality). Still the same game type, but with a tailormade 360-degree VR environment. That still struggle a bit to pick up a larger and sustainable customer base. Could Gonzo’s treasure hunt be the game that breaks the drought for VR as we know it?