How land-based casinos are trying to attract new players

While online casinos have flourished, there’s no getting away from the fact that land-based casinos have had it tough. While these casinos are legal in far more many states than their online counterparts, they have faced a unique set of challenges. Certainly, the impact of the pandemic over the last couple of years has been nothing short of devastating. However, these casinos have far from given up and what we have seen of late is a resurgence. This isn’t by chance: operators are trying something a little different to increase footfall and get people playing at their tables at slots. Let´s take a look at some land-based casino attractions.

While you might expect players to be attracted by new games, perhaps refurbished casinos or even a new rewards scheme, what is really driving business for US land-based casinos is fine art. These casinos are laying on art exhibitions of some of the world’s most famous works of art and this is having a hugely positive impact on the number of people walking through the doors.

You may be wondering which casinos are involved and what artwork has been displayed. You may also be curious as to how gambling and art go hand in hand. If that’s the case then read on as we fill you in. 

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Ringo Starr - Land-based Casino Attractions

Ringo Starr and the Hard Rock Atlantic City art exhibition – Land-based casino attractions 

While Starr may be renowned for his musical ability and for being part of the biggest band in the world, when he isn’t performing on stage he’s also a keen artist. He arranged to take to the stage at the Hard Rock on 24th September but he had, in fact, arrived in Atlantic City earlier than that as his artwork was on display. 

Starr numbered and signed every piece that was sold and all proceeds went to the Lotus Foundation which assists with the likes of domestic violence, substance abuse and other welfare issues. Mixing music, art and a casino experience was certainly a hit and it’s something that is sure to be repeated in Atlantic City.

In fact, Starr’s work isn’t the first to be featured here. back in July and August 2022, the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel laid on what was hailed as being the biggest walk-through exhibit in the whole of the US. Titled “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” it featured over 300 pieces of art and saw them being projected onto walls, screens and floors. 

The Hard Rock Casino isn’t alone 

What the Hard Rock Casino has offered is certainly impressive but it’s worth knowing that it isn’t unique. There are numerous other casinos across the US, be it in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or West Virginia,  that have turned to fine art and immersive experiences in the hope that they’ll be able to attract more people through their doors. Here’s a look at some of the best examples where art and gambling have merged to provide a new experience:

Gallery of Fine Art at Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas – Land-based casino attractions

This can be seen as the location that started the trend that we’re now seeing. That’s because it had already realised the benefits of featuring art way back when it first opened in 1998. Some of the famous artists who have been featured here include:

  • Picasso
  • Monet
  • Warhol
  • Titan
  • Van Gogh

Over the last few months, there has been a rotation of exhibits and these have featured some of the most famous artworks that exist. The gallery at this casino resort is perhaps the biggest in the area and does an amazing job of attracting gamblers and those who have a love of art. 

The ARIA Fine Art Collection – Land-based casino attractions

Of course, the association between gambling and Las Vegas is known by almost everybody whether they actually gamble themselves or not. That’s why it was big news when the ARIA Fine Art Collection presented what was the first major permanent art collection in Las Vegas. The collection was placed in a public space meaning that it could be enjoyed by all and it features works from the likes of:

  • Claes Oldenburg
  • Jenny Holzer
  • Antony Gormley
  • Richard Long
  • Henry Moore

Elsewhere in Las Vegas, there is also the Palms Casino Resort which is displaying artwork in an attempt to entice a new audience through its doors. Here, you’ll find pieces from artists such as:

  • Robert Munday
  • Scott Hove

Marylands Live! Casino and Hotel – Land-based casino attractions

The owner of this casino and hotel is David Cordish. As a real estate mogul, you may have expected him to be at the fore when it comes to all of the decisions made here. However, it was his wife, Suzi, who saw the value of including artwork. Her vision was that guests would be amazed by the artworks that were on display.

With this vision in mind, she commissioned the Cordish Art Collection. This now has over 40 works of art that are on display throughout the hotel.

What’s the connection between casinos and art?

To be fair, the pairing of gambling with fine art doesn’t really appear to make any kind of sense. However, what can be said with certainty is that it is a pairing that just works. The presence of artworks has definitely had the desired impact and has seen more people coming through the doors of casinos across the US. 

It’s not just a benefit to the casinos though. There is, of course, already the established customer base at these casinos and hotels. These customers are being exposed to works that they may never have otherwise set eyes upon. That means that by fusing art and casinos, those behind this are now creating a whole new set of people who are passionate about art.

The presence of these artworks goes a long way towards creating the impression that land-based casinos want: it makes them appear luxurious and a go-to location. When casinos can create this environment by using astounding artwork, the hope is that players will recommend these destinations to their friends and that the customer base will continue to grow. 

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