The blackjack variants that you can enjoy in Las Vegas

One of the most appealing things about blackjack is the fact that there are so many variants to choose from. Whether you’re playing online or at land-based casinos, the sheer number of variants means that there’s always something to keep players entertained. If you’re fortunate enough to be heading out to Vegas anytime soon, it’s handy to know the versions that you’ll find while there. Let´s take a look at some Las Vegas Blackjack variants. 

If you ignore the traditional single deck, double deck, and six/eight blackjack games, as of 2022 Las Vegas has an impressive 11 blackjack variants to choose from. If you’d like an overview of what you can expect from blackjack in Las Vegas, carry on reading.

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Las Vegas Blackjack variants

Double Attack Blackjack – Las Vegas Blackjack Variants #1

Double Attack Blackjack might not be the best option if you’re looking for the lowest house edge out there. Coming in at 0.62%, it’s still better than other casino games but you can still find plenty of blackjack variants that give you a greater edge. You’ll find that this blackjack variant is available to play at Bally’s. If you’re looking for a game with a low minimum bet then you have that here: depending on the time of day you can get in on the action with wagers as low as $5 or $10.

Blackjack Switch – Las Vegas Blackjack Variants #2

With a house edge of 0.58%, Blackjack Switch is another popular variant of the traditional game. The problem here though is that it takes away the simplicity that is normally associated with blackjack. This variant takes a while to learn and if you can’t master it you won’t get anywhere near the advertised house edge. You’ll find that this game is available at numerous casinos across Las Vegas. 

Spanish 21 – Las Vegas Blackjack Variants #3

This is a game that has started to gain in popularity in Las Vegas. This year has seen it being added to Circus Circus as well as Palazzo and Venetian. This variant sees all 10s being stripped from the deck before the game begins. You can double down on any number of cards and you can also surrender after doubling down or hitting.

Free Bet Blackjack – Las Vegas Blackjack Variants #4

Free Bet Blackjack varies depending on which casino you’re playing at. You’ll find that the majority of casinos pay 6:5 with this variant but Golden Gate, The D, Plaza and M Resort all over payouts of 3:2. If you’re prepared to play where the payout is 6:5 the house edged is a dreadful 2.42%. If you play with a 3:2 payout this improves and comes in at 1.02%. Still not overly attractive but a vast improvement nonetheless. 

Bonus Spin Blackjack – Las Vegas Blackjack Variants #5 

Now, there may well be those that disagree, but Bonus Spin Blackjack is the worst variant out there. Why? Well, players have no choice but to make a $1 side bet every single hand. Side bets aren’t known for having great house edges but in this case, it goes well into double digits. There are two casinos in Las Vegas (4 Queens and Bininions) that boast of the fact that the payout is 3:2 with this variant but this really doesn’t make up for the forced side bet. 

Down Under Blackjack – #6

You’ll find Down Under Blackjack being offered over at Excalibur. In this game, the dealer notifies players of a card range by checking the house’s hole card. This is done before players act and it helps players to determine how to play marginal hands. This slight player advantage is then balanced by the fact that the dealer pushed live hands on 22 and that blackjack pays 6:5.

Double Up Blackjack – #7

You’ll find Double Up Blackjack at several tables in Binions. During this game, players have the options to double the bet and stand. In return for this, if any player has 17, 18, 19 or 20 they push if a dealer makes 16. The player then loses the double-up part of the bet on a push. 

Most Liberal 21 – #8

Most Liberal 21 was spread across the Plaza and was a strong feature at this now-defunct club. Over the years, this is a blackjack variant that has seen a fair few changes come in. A blackjack here pays even money. The exceptions are suited ones, where the payout is set at 2:1.Players, are able to double down on 2, 3 or 4 cards and this still applies after a split. Players can surrender and split aces can be hit. A six-card Charlie will automatically win. 

Quick Pay 21 – #9

This is a blackjack variant that can be found at Planet Hollywood. Before a player can get in on the action they need to make two wagers. The first wager covers the blackjack hand while the other wager is a ‘surrender or play’. The blackjack bet plays just as you’d expect and follows the usual rules. The surrender or play comes in when a player has a hand of either 18, 19 or 20. At this time players can place side bets in relation to what the dealer might make.

Super Fun 21 – #10

Super Fun 21 blackjack offers players a whole host of blackjack rules that are to their advantage. A players blackjack will always win and diamond blackjack pays 2:1. Other points with knowing about this variant are:

  • Players can re-split
  • Split aces can be hit
  • Double down is allowed
  • Surrender is permitted 
  • A five or more card 21 will pay 2:1
  • There is also a six-card Charlie

Final thoughts 

Wherever you may find yourself while visiting casinos in Las Vegas, you can be sure that they’re plenty of blackjack variants to keep you entertained. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to check the rules before you start to wager. And as always, employ basic blackjack strategy. Same as when playing at online casinos, different casinos will have different rules and a quick check before you start to play will mean that you don’t get caught out. With that in mind, just get out there and enjoy it all. 

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