Live casino finds more outlets in the US

There are a couple of names to consider in the US when planning to expand your current online casino business into the lucrative and player-loved casino vertical, live casino games. And one of those names is Ezugi. In fact, Ezugi is a well-known name in the industry that carries a lot of weight. And if the name rings a bell, it’s because they are backed by an even more prominent live casino product expert. But, more on that in its own subject, “who is Ezugi?”. Plus, this news will also cover all aspects of the deal at hand and leave no stone unturned. In other words, the only news source you need when it comes to online casino news across the states. So, with that in mind, let’s see what this news will add to your understanding of the live casino climate in the US as we currently know it. Live casino in the US

Who is Ezugi – in short

The now solid foundation of Ezugi was poured in 2012 by all industry experts. And to be frank, during this time period, the live casino product competition was not that harsh or more accurately developed. And if we fast forward today, date, and year, the live casino producer has transformed itself into a powerhouse with 9 broadcasting studios across the globe. As well as the client list that stretches well over 100 names. Moreover, the provider has over 20 game types. This includes Baccarat, Roulette, and the fan-favorite, Blackjack. But also games like sic bo, and, of course, Poker. Plus, other not so widely known options, 32 Cards, Lucky 7, and Bet on Teen Patti.

The deal as we know it – Live casino in the US

With all the known-fact important information, let’s continue with the deal as we know it. Where one of the premier online live casino providers in the US has formed a partnership with the multi-faceted, GammaStack. That in its core produces and delivers bespoke end-to-end solutions. That all makes up of the latest technologies that are on display on products like sportsbooks, fantasy sports, casino products. And, by collaboration with Ezugi, GammaStack can now add. “Great online casino content”, as well as in its repertoire. Additionally, a fan of the games but the big-name online operators in the garden state that we support here on

Live casino in the US – Evolution performs DNA Splicing

Evolution has broadened its road map and includes industry-changing decisions every year they grow. And one-course changing direction that kind of touched all areas of operation in the online live casino world in 2012. It was when Evolution announced the acquisition of one of its main competitors, Ezugi. Which effectively staked the year’s plans and growth goals ahead for that year. This after an all-cash deal of $12 + $6 Million (£8,5+£4,2 M) went down. And Ezugi officially became part of the greater Evolution family.

Supporting statements

Naturally, no news reporting is worth doing if we can’t get the involved parties to speak out on the deal. As such, we like to present two key players that made this happen. Namely, the Business Development Director at Ezugi and, of course, the Chief Sales Officer at GammaStack. And this is what they both had to say, starting with Ezugi’s spokesperson. “GammaStack has built a reputation for delivering best-in-class solutions to operators, and we are proud to be a part of that”. Followed by GammaStack and its position and thoughts in the subject matter. “We look forward to building a plethora of innovative solutions together to meet the requirements of our valuable clients”.Live casino in the US

The high octane producers are few in between

For higher quality live casino offerings in the US, the pool of great producers is relatively shallow. And suppose you are a customer of any online provider or brick and mortar establishments, for that matter, that houses any of Evolution, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, or Playtech products. In that case, you are in the best of hands. Sure, you might find a “smaller” or more independent studio if you prefer that, manage to grab some notice. Although, the expectations are that in the coming years, we will most definitely talk and mention all of the above-specified names when. “The best live casino providers” get listed in the future.