The blackjack books that you need to read

Yes, you can spend your time Googling blackjack and coming across a whole host of information. However, there are times when you just can’t beat a good book. There are so many books out there that aim to teach you all about blackjack. And it can get a little tricky deciding which ones are worth a read.

As you read on, we’re going to share the blackjack books that we think come out on top. These are the ones that contain all of the information that you need to make your playing successful. If you do go on and pick up a copy of any of these, just be sure that you’re getting the most up-to-date edition. 

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The most important blackjack books

Most important blackjack books #1: Beat the Dealer – Edward Thorp

Published all the way back in 1962, you may wonder what this blackjack book could ever have to offer. Well, the thing is that this book is the original masterclass and its publication changed how many players viewed the game. Based on a computer simulation, a winning strategy was presented to readers and they were able to apply this themselves.

This title was re-released in 1996 and this time it featured details on the hi-lo card counting method which was later adapted by Julian Braun. If you’re looking at mastering card counting, this book gives useful insight but if you’re more interested in the history of the game and strategy then this book is a must.

Most important blackjack books #2: Playing Blackjack as a Business – Lawrence Revere

Another blackjack book that was first published in the 1960s, this one hit the shelves in 1969. This has long been seen as a true classic and was the source of information for many early card counters. It’s fair to say that card counting wouldn’t have spread quite so far and wide without this publication.

What else makes this book so appealing is the use of charts that make it so much easier to learn basic blackjack strategy. Alongside these, you’ll also find four systems for card counting that were developed by Revere himself. If you’re serious about your game then this is a must-read.

Most important blackjack books #3: Professional Blackjack – Stanford Wong

Published in 1975, Wong’s Professional Blackjack has long been the go-to book for those looking to learn the hi-lo card counting method. This method has proved extremely popular with players around the world and Wong provides a masterclass when it comes to applying it.

While the book was published decades ago, it has seen regular updates. If you want to make sure that you’re getting information that still works be sure that you only go as far back as the 2011 version.

Most important blackjack books #4: Million Dollar Blackjack – Ken Uston

First released in 1981, this book goes further than any other when it comes to describing advantage play in blackjack. This book doesn’t just touch on one strategy. Instead, it covers everything that a player needs to know to give themselves the edge.

You’ll find that there’s plenty of information on card counting as well as details on the likes of team play. Uston also goes into stories about cheating, and getting banned and discusses blackjack tournaments. This is the most comprehensive blackjack book that you’ll find and it’s one that should certainly be on your reading list. 

#5: Blackbelt in Blackjack – Arnold Snyder

If you’ve ever even considered looking at a blackjack book then there’s a very good chance that you’ll have heard the name, Snyder. Blackbelt in Blackjack was published in 1983 and came with a whole host of information that blackjack players can use to their advantage.

The book covers the likes of the two-level Zen count as well as offers tips on managing your bankroll and how table conditions can have an impact. You can be sure that Snyder is a trusted source of information as he’s well-known as the editor of the Blackjack Forum magazine. 

#6: Knock-Out Blackjack – Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs

Published in 1996, this is the book that first informed the blackjack world about the K-O unbalanced card counting system. This system is one of the most popular even today and s used the world over.

Something that draws people to the system described in this book is that it makes things that bit easier. It does away with some of the more complicated mental arithmetic that’s associated with some of the other methods out there.

#7: Blackjack Attack – Don Schlesinger 

Realised in 1997, this book is often referred to as the ultimate reference book for professional blackjack players. The topics that you’ll find covered here include:

  • Back counting
  • Betting techniques
  • Evaluating new blackjack rules 
  • Statistical insights
  • Team play
  • Much more

The list could go on forever and you’ll struggle to find anything of note that Schlesinger fails to touch upon. If you’re looking at being more than a casual player then this book should be featured very highly on your reading list.

#8: Burning the Tables in Las Vegas – Ian Anderson 

Anderson was the writer behind the hugely popular Turning the Tables on Las Vegas and this was the much-anticipated sequel. Published in 1999, this is a title that quickly became regarded as a classic and top players regard this as their bible.

One of the great topics covered in this book is that of avoiding detection in casinos when card counting. Following the steps described can see you getting the best out of any visit to a casino by reducing the risk of being banned.

#9: Modern Blackjack – Norm Wattenberger 

Released in 2009, this blackjack book can only be described as a mammoth of a read. With two volumes, you can be sure that the coverage of all things blackjack related is certainly extensive. The information and analysis featured here leave the reader with an in-depth understanding of what makes a professional blackjack player.

Given the length of this book, it’s not one for the casual player. Unless you’re serious about your game you’ll find yourself growing in the information provided here. 

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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