Is NetEnt’s Blitz Blackjack worth a look?

Coming under the umbrella of Evolution, you can be pretty sure that any live dealer game that comes from NetEnt is going to be first-rate. The truth is that you can’t be anything but impressed by its Blitz Blackjack game. NetEnt has always been a game developer that has sought to improve. Even when it releases what will become an instant hit, it’s already looking at how to go further and go better. That’s the sign of a world-class game provider. Read more about NetEnt Blitz Blackjack.

In essence, Blitz Blackjack is a reworking of what came before – Common Draw. That fact proves the point that we’ve just made. Common Draw was immensely popular and, left untouched, players would’ve continued to love the game for years to come. NetEnt, however, felt that it could do better.

What Blitz Blackjack offers is the uniqueness offered by Common Draw in terms of the structure, configuration, rules and betting systems. These were things that players had really taken to. What’s brought to the table that’s new is a reinvigorated user interface, table outlook and background of the game.

Want to know more about what Blitz Blackjack has to offer? Let’s find out.

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Blitz Blackjack

NetEnt Blitz Blackjack – an overview 

Launched back in 2019, Blitz Blackjack is a multiplier live dealer game. What makes this interesting is that it’s designed for an indefinite number of concurrent players meaning that the traditional seven-seat blackjack table becomes a thing of the past. The technology that drives the game means that there is the capacity to host a myriad of players who all play the same hand, make their own decisions and bet on identical cards. The way that the game is set means that players can jump in and get involved at any stage. 

As you’d expect from any live dealer game from NetEnt, the quality of the live stream is truly amazing. With the use of a single camera, it’s the table and the dealer that receive all of the focus. Depending on where you’re playing, you’ll either get the usual casino surroundings in the background or you’ll have the opportunity to fully customize the backdrop that you see. 

A look at the rules of NetEnt Blitz Blackjack

There’s an instant positive when you look at the rules of Blitz Blackjack: it pays 3:2 for a natural blackjack. During times when 6:5 is becoming increasingly the norm, this is something that is great to see. As well as this, there are eight decks of cards being used and these are shuffled manually. You’ll also find that there are 2:1 payouts on insurance. 

All other rules remain the same as what were enjoyed when playing Common Draw. That means

  • The dealer stands on 17
  • Players can double on any of their first two cards
  • Splitting is allowed
  • There are no limits on splitting in additional hands, part for aces
  • Players are able to double after splitting, although this doesn’t apply to aces

The rules of European Blackjack are followed in that the dealer doesn’t take its second card until all other players have taken theirs. This, and the other rules that we’ve looked at, leave Blitz Blackjack coming with a house edge of 0.5%.

While the value of side bets may be questionable, what’s undeniable is that they bring an extra dimension to blackjack and can make the game more fun. With Blitz Blackjack, two side bets can be used – 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. These side bets were also available when playing Common Draw and they proved to be extremely popular with players.

Now, the downside of side bets is the house edge and, just like with any other version of the game, this is where Blitz Blackjack lets itself down a little. The house edge for 21+3 is 6.29% while for Perfect Pairs it comes in at 5.79%. 

The side bets aren’t a deal breaker. After all, they’re optional and it’s purely down to you if you want to take these. What almost makes up for the house edge with the side bets is that the game opens itself up to players with minimal bankrolls. With a minimum bet of just $1, almost anyone is given the chance to get in on the action.

NetEnt Blitz Blackjack – Platform navigation and table layout 

The most significant changes made by NetEnt with Blitz Blackjack can be found in the user interface. The main focus for NetEnt, as ever, was the player experience. It is this type of focus that has allowed NetEnt to continue to grow and to become one of the very best game providers that there is. 

What NetEnt has managed to achieve is a layout that is crisp and clean. It allows players to focus on what really matters when playing – the game. Rather than cluttering the screen with unnecessary detail, the main area is taken up by the action.

What NetEnt has done is to position the control strip in the top right-hand corner. This takes up minimal space on the screen. The live chat pop-up is on the left while information relating to betting and balance is in the lower left-hand corner.

What are the key features?

Blitz Blackjack certainly has plenty to offer for players and provides a great live dealer experience. Some of the key features and benefits include:

  • Table seats are instantly available with no need to wait 
  • Vegas rules are followed
  • Low table limits 
  • High volatility 
  • Available in 23 languages opening up the game to an even wider audience

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a live dealer game that will keep you entertained, Blitz Blackjack could well be it. It’s great to see a live dealer game that allows you to focus on the task at hand with minimal screen clutter. It’s also great to have Vegas rules that keep the chances of winning at a high level.

The player experience is second to none and we can’t fault the quality of the live stream. Should you be giving Blitz Blackjack a go? We think so. 

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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NetEnt Blitz Blackjack