Playtech Live Andar Bahar – How does it work?

As you realize by now, they’re plenty of live casino game providers that supply content to the lobby of operators in North America. And, of course, their game catalogs all have something different to offer besides unique blackjack variations. Did you ever hear about Playtech live Andar Bahar?

With that said, if you’re a hardcore blackjack player, the chances are you already have your favorite provider, and you might even know who your lucky dealer or table is. But from time to time, you might be looking for new casinos. Or maybe you seek diversity besides roulette and baccarat to turn your luck around.

So today, we thought we’d look at Andar Bahar, a game that’s equally widespread in India as Rummy is on our continent. But nowadays, Andar Bahar is attracting more than social casino players. Because Andar Bahar tables accept an unlimited number of players, it’s an excellent game to try when the blackjack tables are full.

Andar Bahar the different options and how they affect your chances of winning.

To sum up, this short news will primarily focus on Playtech’s Live Andar Bahar game. However, it’s worth knowing that some fundamentals apply to all game suppliers that offer it, such as Ezugi or Xpg.

Typically, what differs from one provider to another is the game’s interface and the side bet options you have. And the side bets, of course, affect the RTP of the game in the long run.

For instance, Playtech’s Live Andar Bahar boasts an RTP of 97.85%. Ezugi, on the other hand, offers a theoretical return of 95.57%. To know what the game’s RTP is, you can…

1) If you play Live Casino Andar Bahar, you can simply ask the croupier.

2) You’ll find that information in the game’s advanced setting, or you can ask the support department.

Playtech live Andar Bahar how a game unfolds

Andar Bahar is a game played with 1 deck, and they’re also 2 live dealers. The game differs from Blackjack quite a bit, and as a result the strategy is different.

For instance, there’s one that’ll draw cards from the shoe to put them on the table. And the other live dealer is responsible for shuffling cards. This way, the game runs smoothly. In case you wondered, Andar Bahar’s table boasts 3 areas where the croupier will place cards on, and they are…

The first 3

The first 3 spaces are naturally where the first 3 cards will land. And by the way, you can also bet on the outcome of the first 3 in Playtech’s Live Andar Bahar. The funny thing is that the first 3 hands combinations are like poker. So you’ll win if you wager on that area, and the first 3 show a straight, a straight flush, or a flush.

Andar or Bahar

On most tables, these areas are on top of each other, facing players. And the dealer will place a card on each position while altering. You’ll win an Andar or Bahar bet after the dealer draws an identical card as the one place at the beginning of the first 3 sequences. What determines the Andar or Bahar winner is where the card lands.

Andar bets pay 0.9:1 or Bahar bets 1:1. A winning bet on either position will end the game. Then the dealer will change the deck and start drawing cards all over again.

Playtech live Andar Bahar side bet options

So, as you can see, to make money on Andar Bahar, it’s vital to place side wagers. And Playtech’s games have many. That’s why it’s so appealing to players. In fact, you could only put money on side wagers if you wanted to. Like how long it’ll take to pay an Andar or Bahar bet. So you can wager that it’ll take 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-25, 26-30, 31-35, 41-49 draws before the main bets are settled. The longer it takes to draw identical cards, the more you’ll win.

What’s more, after loading the game, make sure to browse around in the menu. There you’ll find exciting stats like the number of times a specific card won. So maybe that could guide your next bet.