Playtech Live Football Roulette

It’s been about 1 year since the live casino game supplier Playtech enhanced its live dealer collection with Live Football Roulette and the game hit the live sections of online casinos. And now that the UEFA EURO 2020 brings Europe’s elite onto the field. We thought the timing couldn’t get better to review this game for the readers of

Without a doubt, Playtech’s Live Football Roulette is one of their most popular games. With the relaxed setting and the massive multipliers, players can win. It’s a favorite of many. Of course, Playtech is not the only live casino game supplier to offer a Live Football Roulette. But their version of the game is one of the best on the market. So if you fancy a switch from blackjack now and then. Well, Live Football Roulette could be a good bet. Indeed, in this game, you can play strategically and win big. Or follow a hunch and win more.

Playtech Live Football Roulette

Giving a fan favorite a quick makeover

There’s a silver lining for everything, some say. And for Playtech, the delayed soccer season gave them much time to fine-tune their “new” concept.

Before the last series of changes, Live Football Roulette was more or less just a good old European Roulette game where the croupier and players could exchange their views about European and international soccer.

But thanks to Playtech’s “let’s play” live studio’s most recent uplift. There’s a massive touch screen behind the croupier, which he can control to give match updates if a game is unfolding as you’re playing. Then there’s the addition of a more modern screen on the right-hand side that displays win multipliers.

Yet, the studio’s look is not the only thing that was affected by the latest updates. There’s now a “new” side bet that you can take advantage of. And it’s only available on Live Football Roulette.

How do you place a Goal bet on Playtech’s Live Football Roulette – And what do you win?

To sum up, the Goal side bet is easy to find on the betting mat since it’s blue and just above zero.

Before any spin, a random number generator will pick 5 numbers on any position on the wheel. This means that you could get a 2, 18, 13, 36, and 34. Suppose you know the betting mat a little. You’ll realize that these numbers are not on any specific column, rows and they’re of different colors too. So on a standard mat, you couldn’t place 1 bet and cover them all. However, thanks to the Goal bet, you can.

Indeed, by placing chips at the top of the mat, you’ll cover 5 straight bets. And you’ll win up to 100x what you’ve stake, as long as the right-hand-side multiplier screen displays 100x. If not, it’s whatever multiplier the screen displays (starting at 3x) you’ll pocket.

Other betting options available on Playtech’s Live Football Roulette

Playtech’s Live Football Roulette is, first and foremost, a classic European game. And one that gives soccer fans a special place to meet up, play and chat. It stands to reason that the betting mat is precisely the one you’d find on any European table. So you can bet on odds or even, black or red, columns and rows. You can also wager on specific numbers, clusters/sections like the first, second or last 12, just as you would in any casino. And the payouts are the same as in any reliable casinos too.

Playtech Live Football Roulette

Select a lucky dip or use the bet creator?

Lastly, Playtech added a cool feature which is the lucky dip. In essence, it saves time for those who typically use the bet creator option to wager on complicated patterns. Because in 1 click, you can bet on up to 8 lucky numbers picked at random. So it’s a bit like a goal bet, except that the payouts are different since multipliers can’t affect them. Now that you have all the information on how to enjoy Playtech’s Live Football Roulette. Why wait? Make the most of the soccer season.