Pragmatic Mega Sic Bo – How does it work?

As for many game providers, Pragmatic Play’s offering far exceeds traditional games like Blackjack. This live casino distributor diversifies its appeal by remaking popular games with a special twist. It’s the case for Mega Sick Bo, which we’ll review in more detail here. How does the new Pragmatic Mega Sic Bo work? Pragmatic Mega Sic Bo

What is Pragmatic Play’s Live Mega Sic Bo about?

To sum up, Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo is a 3 dice game. Players can wager on it from a bet as low as 50p and up to £5,000 in most markets.

The main difference between Mega Sic Bo and the traditional version is that this one mixes both RNG gameplay and live dealer action. In other words, Mega Sic Bo boasts random win multipliers up to 1000x, which can be applied to the betting grid at random once all bets are on. And this multiplier works hand in hand with an RNG model. Yet, besides this minor change which means you could win more. Still, the core of the game is more or less the same. And below, we’ll give you the essential tips on how to play Live Mega Sic Bo.

Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo – how to place a bet?

You’ll have 15 seconds to place a bet once you decide to join the action. Now, if it’s the first time you ever load up a Sic Bo game, in this variant, too, you can place wagers for 1 dice, 2 or even 3 dice.

The betting mat is reasonably comprehensive. And if you’ve ever played any Yahtzee game, for instance, you’ll feel right at home with some of the combinations you could wager on. The main difference here is that you have 1 throw to achieve them. And it’s the dealer that “throws” the dice for everyone. But players control their bets. So, for example, you could place chips on Small (dice total between 4-10) Or Big (dice total between 11-17). You could also bet on Odd or Even. You could also bet on pairs or trips for a maximum payout of 150:1 before the multiplier comes into play.

How will the win multipliers impact the outcome and the payouts you’ll collect?

If, like many players, you like to follow a number and bet on all the possible outcomes. You’ll appreciate the in-game statistic at your disposal on the right-hand side of the betting mat. For instance, in this area, you’ll get a recap of the chances of a number from 1 to 6 to hit and, of course, the odds for the S B T O E to pay. Now, these odds are always available before you place any wager. And they work independently from the 5 win multipliers the RNG will randomly add onto the betting mat, which could see you, for example, winning 50x extra if you get a pair of 1. Or 150x more if you get a 6 or 25x more if you roll an 8.

The difference between Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo and other enhanced Sic Bo games

Naturally, Pragmatic Play is not the only studio to offer Sic Bo instead of only blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. In fact, if you know your games well. Then you already know that Playtech has a variation of Sic Bo that offers multipliers, Sic Bo Deluxe. And so does Evolution (Super Sic Bo).

Yet, the core difference between Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo and the other variants available on the markets are the payouts in some instances. So think about browsing around to play Sic Bo and, of course, discover which live casino supplier gives you the best payouts. And which operator has the best casino bonus for you. Pragmatic Mega Sic Bo