Speedy 7 Blackjack – a different and straightforward game to enjoy

It would be easy to confuse Speedy 7 with Evolution’s Speed Blackjack. But make no mistake, while both games are played with cards, Speedy 7’s gameplay comes with different bonuses you can trigger. And it’s also available through another provider.

Indeed, if you’re looking to have a go at Speedy 7 after reading this article, you’ll need to browse through BetGames’ TV collection. Well, at least if you’re looking to play this casino classic with a live dealer.

The truth is, you could also find Speedy 7 in RNG format. And the game principle you’ll learn here could come in handy. Also, new providers release titles all the time. So, if Speedy 7 isn’t available in your jurisdiction, it could only be a matter of time.

Speedy 7 Blackjack

Speedy 7 Blackjack – the table and the game

To sum up, the table layout of Speedy 7, just like when playing with normal blackjack rules, the table includes a shoe that the dealer cuts every draw. There are also 7 spaces (with numbers 1 to 7) on the table itself. This is where the dealer will place cards. The shoe, just in case you wondered, only holds 1 deck. Plus, it is reshuffled in between each game. But because the table boasts an automatic shuffler. It’s quite a quick game since you won’t have to wait for the dealer. Yet the best thing about Speedy 7 is that a player can jump in action at any time. And even if a game is in progress because of how you’ll bet.

So what can you bet on if you play Speedy 7

BetGamesTV accepts bets on Speedy 7 from $/€/£1 and up to $/€/£100 in most jurisdictions. However, because it’s a live casino game, it’s not rare that operators will exclude it from the wagering requirements of bonuses. So, if you have a healthy bankroll, load Speedy 7 and can’t place a bet.

Maybe it’s because the money in your player’s account is pending winnings or casino bonus funds. To be sure, you can ask the support department.

Otherwise, betting on Speedy 7 couldn’t be more straightforward since you have 2 options: red or black. This means that to win, you’ll need to predict the color of the card accurately. Betting on red or black could give you 1.9x your initial stake. But as you’ll quickly find out. You can cash out at any time or continue predicting for your bet to be carried over, get 7 cards correctly, and win 14x.

What about the bonuses

As we mentioned in this introduction, Speedy 7 is unique because it’s a card game with special bonuses. In fact, you’ll get rewarded for consecutive correct predictions.

There are 2 stages in Speedy 7 in which you can trigger extra bonuses. For instance, correctly predicting the color of 4 cards will give you some extra cash, providing you’ve not cashed out before and regardless of the subsequent outcome. And if you get all 7 correctly, you’ll win more. You can look at the paytable in the game itself to understand how much you stand to win. Or you can ask the dealer because that’s the joy of playing live casino games. You always get instant help when you need it.

Speedy 7 Blackjack - Party Casino

Other fun and intuitive games in BetGamesTV collection?

Now, after reading this short game introduction, you probably realize by now that your strategy should be to look for patterns. And, of course, bet on sequences a bit as if you’d play Andar Bahar. However, if you’d prefer an even easier game to play, it’s worth noting that BetGamesTV offers more than strategic games like Blackjack and Baccarat. They also have a Dice Duel game and a Rock Paper Scissors one. These games are extra easy to understand. But remember to play responsibly. Rock Paper Scissors is maybe a game you once played as a kid. But casino games are no child play.