Blackjack is a site that focuses on one of the most played games in the world, Blackjack! This site contains a lot of helpful information that’ll help you start playing blackjack online. But it also includes handy tips like how you could reduce the house edge and how you could legally count cards to make sure each hand you play gives you the most chances of being profitable in the long run.

The truth is, this game isn’t one of those “get rich quick” hobbies. However, professional players would tell you. You could make money if you invest time and effort in the right aspect of the game. But also if you know which game to play from the get-go. On, we’ll review several factors of blackjack. So you might want to bookmark it because you’ll be hard-pressed to find another one that offers you more insight.

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How to play blackjack?

If you landed here because you wanted to know how to play blackjack, well, the chances are you’ll enjoy our bespoke section on this subject. What’s more, if you’re a savvy player, you may also appreciate the tips we offer in this section. The how-to-play page reviews how a game unfolds and the various decisions you’ll have to make if you sit at a table online or offline. It’s a great place to start to make sure you’re up to speed with the basic strategy because you’ll need to master it to take your game further. This section also talks about how to spot a good table. For example, the odds a single deck table offers versus double decks or a 6 decks table. So if you don’t know which one gives you better odds, then this page is a great place to start.

Blackjack Card Values

blackjack card values

Knowing the rules and the dos and the don’ts

Without a doubt, most people who landed on this site know the most basic blackjack rule of all: making 21 with a combination of 2+ cards without going bust. And, of course, beat the dealer along the way. Yet, to become a profitable blackjack player, you’ll need to know more than the card value and what the table mat reveals.

In fact, you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts. Plus, refreshing your memory about table etiquette could be profitable, especially if you’re planning to play offline. This page also talks about when it’s best to surrender a hand instead of taking a gamble. Because if your aim is to turn a pastime into a lucrative hobby, you need to make sure that you only make profitable decisions in the long run. And contains useful tips that players of all levels may appreciate. Read our blackjack rules guide here.

Planning to play blackjack in online casinos, don’t miss this page

Our online casinos page provides an essential guide for those who have not wagered online yet. Plus, it talks about the most renowned game providers and the benefits each blackjack game supplier offer. What’s more, it talks about each supplier’s reach by territory. The page also discusses certain drawbacks for playing in online casinos and the different game variations you could stumble on. We have done our absolute best to paint you a picture of what happens if you play online. In the future, this page could also be handy to visit if you’re wondering who offers blackjack.blackjack online

To play with a casino bonus or not to play?

Casino bonuses are part of most operator’s acquisition strategy. And there are some casino bonuses that are more advantageous for blackjack players. Could you spot them? In essence, the page about bonuses is designed to give you essential tips if you’re considering redeeming one to play blackjack online. The section also discusses wagering requirements and game weight from an expert point of view.

All and all, the bonus page also discusses specific terms and conditions that you’ll commonly find in welcome packages’, for example. What’s more, it gives essential tips if you’re thinking about improving your skill by playing RNG-driven 2D or 3D or venture on live casino tables. Understanding the differences between the bonuses you should take advantage of and which promotions are best for blackjack is key to getting an edge. In a game where the house’s edge is so slight, everything helps to make you profitable.

On the lookout for a new casino? Then don’t miss the section.

As briefly discussed above, casino bonuses are an essential part of any operator’s acquisition strategy. And it couldn’t be more true when it comes to new casinos. Often new operators are keen to make an impression on players with a generous welcome offer. What’s more, new casinos also look to find new ways to stand out, like offering new variations of blackjack, exclusive tables, or even new game providers.

With that said, evaluating the quality of a new casino is something that you should master even before the basic strategy. Why? Because depositing at the wrong place could lead to a bad experience. Yet, picking the right casino could make a difference on your edge, for example, if they offer comps. And, of course, on your experience overall. So this page was created to give you all the essential information you need to have a good time online.

Counting cards in Blackjack

counting cards in blackjack

The page about blackjack strategy will help you go beyond basic strategy; it’ll retrain your brain

Ok, so you read one of our blackjack strategy charts below. And, now you want to know what’s next. Well, reading it is not enough. You’ll need to take the time to learn it by heart. Then you can learn to count cards with the hi-low method we’re teaching you on the strategy page. However, the hi-low card count method and the basic strategy will only get you as far as making a few bucks.

To become genuinely profitable, you’ll need to master the 2 different types of deviations. But you’ll also need to know when to increase your stake. And when to keep those chips close to you because blackjack is a game where patience, skills, and timing are vital to turn a profit. What’s more, on this page, we’ll also teach you the thought process you should undergo before making any decision.

Strategy instructions

  • S = Do not take more cards
  • H = Take a card
  • D = Double
  • 2 = Split the hand

Basic Strategy for European Blackjack

basic strategy for european blackjack

Basic Strategy for American Blackjack

basic strategy for american blackjack

Live casino a product that offer excellent option

Live casinos can be intimidating. However, new to the game or not, this product comes with significant advantages such as a pit boss on hand and device compatibility. What’s more, depending on the game variation, you’ll play live. You’ll have access to different game options like bet behind and repeat bets. On this page, we also talk about the different providers and what’s acceptable, like asking the Live Dealer what he or she would do in certain circumstances if you play blackjack in a live casino environment?

Lastly, this page also discusses the different technology that propels live casino games in general, not just blackjack but also baccarat and roulette. This way, you can have complete peace of mind if you’ve not had a go at blackjack with a live dealer. And you can try other games without wondering if they’re fair or not.blackjack

Blackjack history how the game evolved

With the turn of the millennium, there’s no denying that new technology surfaced that makes the game you love even more fun. But did you ever wonder where the game first originated? Well, some say it’s deeply rooted in France. However, others believe it’s the Spanish that invented this unique card game. So who’s right? Well, if you read our blackjack history page, you’ll soon find out.
What’s more, you’ll discover how this game influenced the development of other casino games such as Baccarat, Punto Banco, and 21. Yes, because there is a game called 21, and it’s very different from the game you’ll stumble on in your favorite casino. So would you know the differences between blackjack and 21? If not, well, you have more than one reason to visit this section. In fact, it contains lots of fun facts that make great discussion topics around the table.

More about other games you may want to try

On this site, we know that because you’re a fan of blackjack, it doesn’t mean you’ll only play this game online. So, to make sure we offer you the absolute best player experience along with the greatest content on the web, we’ve also created 4 non-blackjack-specific sections, and they


Slots are often the go-to games of chances for players who are looking to unwind. Yet, with time, slots, like table games, have evolved. Nowadays, you could even find great slots with table game elements. But more importantly, you could also get your hands on a life-altering jackpot if you’re lucky. But would you know which game has paid out the most in your region? They are different from one state or province. So, you might want to know which games could change your life in a spin. Or if they’re strategies, you could apply to win more. If that sounds like something, you’d be interested in learning. Well, don’t hesitate to visit this section. It’s the best way to start your online journey because knowledge is power.


In our roulette section, you’ll have the chance to get some basic strategy and tips for various roulette games such as double ball, California roulette, European, multi-wheel, rapid and mini roulette. We’ll also briefly look at the history of the game and how it evolved.


In our baccarat section, we’ll also look back at some of the most popular types of baccarat you can find online and offline. In fact, because baccarat is a game that’s somewhat similar to blackjack. The chances are you’ll appreciate the quick recap of Punto Banco, Super Pan 8, Chemin de Fer, and 3 cards Baccarat. But more importantly, we think you’ll especially appreciate knowing the odds each game offers. Then you might also enjoy the few tips and pointers our experts have compiled for you.

Video Poker

Video Poker also comes in different formats like jacks or better, deuces wild, and double bonus poker like other games. You should apply a different strategy to maximize your chances of collecting a win for each game. So if you’re ready to change things up, don’t hesitate to take a look at this section.