Casino Games

The amount of casino games you can try online is absolutely mind-blowing and keeps growing too. Even if blackjack is your favorite game, it’s worth knowing that the online casino you play at could offer you more ways to have fun. Sure, some would say that nothing beats the thrill of sitting at a table when a deck is hot. But sometimes, holding the count can be demanding, and you might want to unwind by playing other games.

Today, we thought we’d look at the different casino games you could try. Plus, we’ll compare winning odds and providers. We’ll also briefly touch on the different variations of blackjack you could play online. This way, you’ll be in an excellent position to make an informed decision when it comes to how you’ll utilize your bankroll the next time you want to play.

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Casino Games

The different varieties of blackjack games you could play online

To sum up, and keep things simple. The blackjack games you can play online can easily be separated into 2 different categories. The RNG-driven ones, and of course, the live dealer or live casino ones. So what’s the main difference?

Casino games that use Random Number Generator (RNG)

In essence, casino games that use RNG bank on mathematical concepts or, if you prefer, randomly generate a number that can’t be predicted to determine the cards you’ll receive at a blackjack table. Or the symbols that’ll align on the reels if you play slots, for example.

The RNG model can’t be hacked or altered in any way by players or operators. Why? Well, they’re part of what drives casino games. In other words, it’s a built-in system that produces results even before you get to see them. RNGs are everywhere nowadays in statistics, computer simulations, and of course, in many online and offline casino games. In the online gambling industry, there’s even a seal of approval you can look for to make sure the RNG that propels the game you’ll play is fair. It’s called eCogra. It offers peace of mind to players all over the world.

Live casino games

Live casino games, like RNG-driven ones, come in all formats. Nowadays, there’s more than baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack tables you could play on. The truth is, in recent days, there’s been a surge of money wheel games and even game show-style ones. And except for a couple of casino games, most of them will display results in real-time. This way, players get a more immersive experience. And one that some say is similar to the one you’d find in the table game section of most casinos in Vegas, Montreal, Florida, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Vancouver, or Atlantic City.Live Casino

Which casino games give you the best winning odds, and how can you know?

In online and offline casinos, players’ winning odds are often expressed using 3 terminologies theoretical return to player (RTP), variance or volatility, and hit rate. Now it’s true that not all casino games offer the 3 stats or information. However, all games have RTP, from blackjack to roulette, video poker, scratch cards, and Bingo. So what is the RTP?

Understanding the RTP and how it’s calculated

The theoretical return to player or RTP is calculated over millions of casino sessions and game rounds. For example, you’ll get access to this information in the advanced game settings if you play slots. For table games, it’s another story. In fact, if you’re playing live casino table games, you could ask the dealer. And if it’s RNG-driven casino games you’re playing like blackjack, 3 cards poker, or baccarat, you’ll also find the RTP in the setting because most RNG-driven games providers and studios also produce slots, so they keep the same format to make things easier. If you can’t get the RTP of the game, you’d like to play. You can always speak to the customer care department of the operator you’ve signed up with.

What about the volatility? How does it work, and what does it mean?

Without a doubt, the easiest way to understand the volatility or variance concept is to see it as the level of risk you’d like to take. Typically, the variance and volatility mostly apply to slot games like hit rate, which is self-explanatory. However, there’s been a surge of instant win games in online casinos in recent days, and the term volatility also applies to them. Then they are those who’ll use the term loosely to describe table games. But everyone agrees that the variance entirely depends on the strategy you use and also on the level of skills each player has.

What about game providers? Are there some that offer better winning odds?

As a rule of thumb, the savviest players would tell you that online slots and instant win games tempt to typically offer better odds to players than offline ones. Indeed, if you visit an online casino, new or not, it’s not rare that you’ll find games, even slots, that could offer you an RTP above 97%. It’s no wonder more and more blackjack players try their luck on slots from time to time. All and all, the level of risk you’d take by playing them wouldn’t be greater than someone who’s playing blackjack and does not master basic blackjack strategy, for example.

Without a doubt, players looking for game providers who have their backs in terms of fair play and good winning odds should look at the following supplier collection: NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin, Thunderkick, and Elk. Do keep in mind, however, that these providers don’t hold licenses in all games

Are there any ways of reducing the risk in casino games?

There undeniably many strategies you could opt to use on different casino games. Yet, the best way to reduce the risk is to claim a casino bonus. In fact, some blackjack players, especially the novice ones, will redeem a casino bonus to play blackjack even if sometimes the game weight is not all that favorable in the offers’ terms. If you’re not sure how the game weight affects your game selection, you can read about it in our bonus section.

Do online casinos like to pay large sums to players?

Everyone who works for, has many years of experience in the casino field from an operators’ point of view. (On top of being keen blackjack players, of course.) And if you’d speak to anyone in our team, they’d happily confirm that online casino operators, especially the new ones, are over the moon to pay significant wins quickly.Online Casino Games

Why? Well, there are a few reasons for that

  • 1) Paying large wins on casino games to players quickly spread a message of reliability.
  • 2) Often, operators who award life-altering sums to gamblers can brag about it. So it’s good to spread the word that their casino is lucky.
  • 3) Many players are on the lookout for hot games. And nothing is more obvious than a game is desirable than a large payout.
  • 4) Players that win come back.

What’s the largest recorded win on casino games?

The largest amount ever paid in an online casino is €19,430,723.60 ($23,531,577.82). And this colossal win happened on a game by Microgaming in late April 2021. Offline, it’s IGT’s Megabucks who holds the record since 2003. And since some lucky software engineer from L.A. won $39,713,982.25 at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. But this record is years old so someone will undeniably beat it. We just don’t know when. And that’s what so exciting and why people love slots.