Michigan Online Casinos

Michigan online casinos (MI) are still extremely new. The first online wager didn’t take place until January 2021, but since this time the industry has witnessed exceptional growth. Governor Gretchen Whitmer was only too aware of the success stories in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and wanted to mirror that so that funds could be raised for public services.

Whitmer’s aim was to raise around $19 million through taxation on the online gambling industry. As of May last year over $18 million had already been raised. This clearly shows why the legalising of online casinos is so important and it certainly demonstrates the need for this to be extended across the US.

As with other states that have gone down the road of legalisation, the road in MI was less than smooth. As you read on, we’re going to explore exactly what happened and take a look at the great gambling scene that exists in MI today.michigan online casinos

The bills that made online casinos a reality in MI

Just like the states that had come before, MI lacked any legal framework that could allow for online casinos. To go away and to recreate the success of New Jersey, there was a need to address this first. This saw a bill being introduced by Mike Kowall. It still took time before the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) was able to issue online gambling licenses and the next major step came when Representative Brandt Iden introduced Bill 4311.

This bill was the first step toward the Lawful Internet Gambling Act. Now, to be fair, gambling legislation is less than enthralling, but the impact of this act can not be underestimated. Without it, there would still be no online casinos in MI.

It took more than one bill to get MI to where it is today. There was sports betting to consider as well as DFS. It took until January 2021 for the state to take its last step and make multi-jurisdiction poker legal.

What makes Michigan so attractive to online casino operators?

Wherever online casino operators look to open for business, there is a need to apply for a license first. As well as a comprehensive application process, there is also, usually, a hefty fee involved. The thing with MI is that its fees are significantly lower than those charged in other states. While it could be argued that the state is missing out on additional revenue, the real outcome is that more and more operators are looking to enter this space.

One of the unique elements of the gambling scene in Michigan is that the state is so close to Canada. Just over the border, gambling is 100% legal and that meant that MI had some big competition on its doorstep. By making licenses both affordable and flexible, it could make sure that it was able to attract the best names in the industry.

How MI online casinos boost business

Many other companies have benefited from the boom in MI online casinos. Cleary, operators have had to choose who to partner with and all parties that are involved have benefited significantly in such as short space of time. Some of the partnerships that we’ve seen include MotorCity Casino Hotel teaming up with FanDuel and DraftKings partnering up with Bay Mills Indian Community.

There are still big names that have yet to make the move to MI and get involved. The likes of 888 and BetAmerica are still standing on the sidelines watching other companies reap the rewards. You have to question how long they will be prepared to do that for and how quickly they will now move to make sure that they can get in on the action.Michigan Online Casinos

More opportunities on the arisen

MI is still in its infancy when it comes to online casinos and betting. What has been achieved so far has certainly been impressive, but it is clear that there is more to come. There is no reason to believe that this state can’t go on and match, or even beat, the successes seen in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Something that MI really has going in its favour is the fact that the sports fans there are more than just a little passionate. That means that the sports betting market has the potential to explode with the addition of online betting. Given that neighbouring states haven’t yet made steps to legalise online gambling, there is a great chance that many will simply cross borders and enjoy all that MI has to offer.

What games can you play online in MI?

Given how relatively new online casinos are in MI, there is a surprisingly large selection of games to choose from. There are a host of versions of blackjack available that can be played at casinos such as BetRivers and Golden Nugget. As well as first-person RNG versions, there are also fantastic live dealer versions to enjoy.

You’ll find that Michigan online casinos offer a great range of slots, roulette, baccarat, Video Poker, and blackjack online of course. the thing is, there are still big-name developers that are waiting to get going in MI. When these enter the scene, you can be sure that, what is already an impressive catalogue of games, will only grow.

Who’s behind the games at Michigan online casinos?

As it stands, Michigan online casinos have games from some pretty big players. These include:

• 1. IGT
• 2. NetEnt
• 3. NextGen
• 4. Everi
• 5. AGS

Of course, if you know a thing or two about game developers and studios, you’ll realise that there are some big names missing from that list. The likes of Evolution, Barcrest, and Scientific would all make great additions. Given that Evolution owns NetEnt, which is already active in MI, it makes sense that Evolution, and the other companies that it owns, will soon follow suit. This would bring an enormous amount of new games to online casinos in MI.

Michigan and blackjack

Mi has over 20 land-based casinos that offer an array of blackjack games. On top of that, there are numerous online casinos offering live dealer versions. It’s definitely the case that MI has a bit of a love affair going on with blackjack.

That being said, the rules in this state are the greatest that you will find. If you’re looking for more player-friendly rules, you’ll find these in Pennsylvania. One point worthy of mention is that, despite the less than ideal rules, MI is the home of a certain Regina Guzior who was triumphant at the last World Series of Blackjack.MI Online Casinos

Where to play blackjack in Michigan

Whenever you’re in MI, you can be sure of one thing: there are plenty of great casinos where you can go and enjoy blackjack. As well as numerous online casinos, MI has a great range of Tribal Venues that offer one of the best land-based casino experiences that you’ll come across. While it would take an age to mention every great casino in Michigan, here’s a look at what we believe are amongst the best:

FireKeepers Casino

FireKeepers is one of the best tribal casinos that you will ever come across. Boasting a 70-table games hall, this is a casino that allows you to “get your Vegas on”. It’s not just the great range of games that makes this venue so spectacular. It’s also about the 4 diamond-rated hotel rooms that provide the very best in luxury.

Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort

This is a casino that has a whole lot of blackjack games on offer. What’s more, it’s also the place that has the widest range of $5 games. This means that blackjack is accessible to practically everyone. What really makes this casino so great is the fact that there is so much more going on besides the gambling. With heated pools and a water park, among other attractions, this is a place that is fun for everyone.

Do MI online casinos offer bonuses?

Yes, they certainly do. The thing with MI, and its online casinos, is that operators are all vying for your business. With the industry being so young, these companies are keen to get you signed up as a loyal player. That means that there are some extremely generous bonuses up for grabs.Online Casino MI

Are winnings at online casinos in MI taxable?

If you remember, the big push for online casinos was the fact that they could boost the funds available for public services. That means that, yes, winnings are subjected to being taxed. There is a federal tax to pay, at 25%, as well as a lower tax to be paid to MI.

Of course, being taxed can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember one thing: you can only get taxed if you’re actually winning!