Live Casino

The more significant product growth the online gambling industry has seen of late is the sudden heightened interest in live casino and all their products. Although, it doesn’t take an industry expert to arrive at that conclusion with the current business climate in the US. Yet, the facts are not changing as the option gets more available and more clients enjoying the experience. And as the popularity keeps on increasing in the US, so do the available products. Where the offering has come a long way since the initial live casino and Blackjack launched by Playtech. That soon after got followed up with other big names in the industry like Evolution and Microgaming. Though, as mentioned, if compared now with then, the product quality and offering is day and night. So, let’s check out the complete vertical currently spreading like water on the floor in the US right now.

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Live Casino

What is live casino?

In its purest form, a live casino, and its product originates from offering casino floor action and thrills remotely. Where the early days started with a few Blackjack tables. But, don’t think it was an instant success and crowd-pleaser. Sure, it might have been a victory on a small scale. However, it took a couple of years for the general online casino audience to like the products. Meaning from the early days, there was a clear division between live casino players and online casino players. And, here is where some players say. “Isn’t that the same?” These days, more so, as the line blur’s a bit as more products and games come to life and ended up under the same sub-category as this product. Yet, if we are talking in strict terms, a live casino game consists of two things, a real dealer offering a table game remotely.

Difference between online casino and live casino

To make things crystal clear, the technical difference between the products are the generated result. What we mean about that is. While a live casino game gets its results from croupier dealing Blackjack cards, rolling the Roulette ball, or pulling a card from the shoe in Baccarat. On the other hand, an online casino and all its game results are from a random number generator, also known as RNG. Basically, a computer spits out an algorithm that produces random numbers. Moreover, obtaining an RNG license comes with rigorous testing from independent organizations as such making it equally safe trustworthy as a live casino game.

Live Baccarat

baccarat live

Live Blackjack

live blackjack

Live Roulette

live roulette

Made in America

A perhaps little-known fact is that the top provider of live casino has dedicated broadcasting studios in the US. As such, they are contributing to offer more than a gambling product. Meaning, operation, and the dealers are all locally employed and therefore cater better to the US market. After all, one of the primary functions of a dealer is to get the player to feel immersed and engaged. Where the action delivered via the studios comes from places like New Jersey. Plus, that’s not all. Also, among the live casino providers, you will find dedicated and branded tables from some of the biggest brick-and-mortar establishments. In other words, some operators have actual tables on casino floors across the industry from where the video feed comes from.

Advantages of live casino

We were going to produce a pros and cons list for you to really get a full and fair assessment and understanding of live casino in the US. However, if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. Sure, there might be one or two overlooked negative qualities. Yet, if so, it would lean more towards nit-picking than an actual faulty product. So, let’s leave the negativity where it belongs, in the trash, and instead focus on why we play live casino.

A wide selection of product

That’s right; you are more than likely to discover some product utterly new to you or recently discovered. And this mainly due to the rapid spread of popularity. Sure, you will, of course, find table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette amongst the offering. But also out-of-the-box thinking products. And even more so as the complete line-up roles out. Where the latest trend in the range encompasses and leans more towards game shows. For instance, the industry is starting to see a rise and an increase of branding emerge on the horizon. And you will see such things as Deal or no deal, Monopoly, and Lottery inspired products, to mention some of them.

Latest technology

One of the significant advantages of visiting a live casino instead of a brick-and-mortar is the technology. Basically, the industry is highly competitive, and you know that you always will have access to the latest, fastest and safest products on the market. That is actually key to enjoying a session of this product. What we try to say. If the operator spends time and money offering the best technology, you know you have a great operator on your hands.

Live chat

Virtually sitting down at any of the tables gives the user the option to interact with your competitors and even the dealer. Which is also a significant contributor to its popularity, namely the social aspect. Where the players usually connect instantly due to similar interests. Still, be aware of your vocabulary, as hard language and profanities are frowned upon and may result in a temporary chat ban.

Any time anywhere

Straight off the bat, accessing this type of product is done easily any time of the day or night. Although, only a handful of states allow online gambling and live casino products in particular. As such, the State legislature does apply to your area of residence. Though, with online gambling currently riding in the fast lane, the industry and a complete state expansion are most definitely inventible. Except for some of the more conservative states, perhaps.

Get the help you need

Normally, all the available games have in-depth explanations and guides to follow and read in the event of a question from your end? However, we think you should know, even if their live table action comes from a studio, the presence of pit bosses is there. Meaning, as you normally do, if a significant problem arrives. This includes things like faulty cards or deal mistakes. Although exceptionally rare, the option is there for you to use as you do in a land-based casino.

Listen to the experts

Indeed, all dealers and pit bosses have gone through extensive training. This to offer their customers the best and most accurate service. As such, in the event of trouble or technical issues. You do best in following the advice from the croupier. Alternative, the pit boss, to ensure a speedy process and straightening of question marks.

A Live casino in your pocket

It might not come like a flash from a clear sky for you as a fan of table games, but taking the experience wherever you go is actually an option with this product. Naturally, some operators and providers have a more extensive product offering than others. Yet, generally speaking, live casino and their products support by, most known handheld devices and operating systems.

Do I need to wait to sit down at the tables?

To give a truthful answer, it depends on the operator and provider. Though it’s somewhat uncommon to see full tables, it still does happen. But, have no fear. There are usually plenty of options to partake in, like, bet behind while you wait for a seat. Plus, also quite popular amongst the offerings are so-called unlimited tables. In essence, there is no upper player limitation.

You will find it surprising

Participating in any of the live casino products comes with many benefits. First, the games are naturally designed to offer the best player value in feeling and, not so discussed, hassle-free. For instance, you don’t have to physically handle the chips, with the added effect of faster gameplay. But also, that you can cash in any time you want.

Who offer live casino?

In an online casino setting, you are most definitely going to find this type of product. In fact, when you are searching for a new casino operator, there are some criteria you should check before signing up. And the live casino offering is unquestionably a product you should see to ensure the reputability of the operator.

Trade in your blackjack cards

Are you looking to expand your expertise and are ready to try out something different or step up your Blackjack game? This is highly achievable through the various options like high-limit Blackjack. Or maybe you like to change direction entirely and instead pick up Baccarat? Whatever you feel is more up your alley, check out the top-tier live casino operators in the US to find the products that speak to you.

Find your happy level

Finally, we like to remind all that this product is built on engagement, participation, and a generally good time. As such, we want to leave you with some personal reflections. Always make sure that you are playing within your comfort zone and are not chasing your losses. And we at first and foremost, always encourage players to assess their situation and plan an allocated budget. Plus, for all online casino platforms, no matter if you play live casino or just an online casino, there will be tools at your disposal.