How Pragmatic Play has increased its live casino offerings

When playing at an online casino, there is little, if anything, that can beat the live dealer experience. These live dealer games allow players to enjoy a true casino experience, all from the comfort of their homes. As technology has continued to progress, you can even enjoy these games on a mobile and play from anywhere that you want to. Read more about Pragmatic Play and the Pragmatic Play Live Casino updates. 

Live blackjack has proved hugely popular. With its low house edge, it is a game that attracts players from around the world. If you were asked to name a provider of live casino games, such as blackjack, there’s a good chance that you’d say Evolution Gaming. Or, perhaps, you’d think of Playtech or NetEnt. How about Pragmatic Play though?

More well-known for its slots, Pragmatic Play also offers some impressive table games. It also tipped its toe in the water when it came to live versions of these. These have proven to be massively popular and now, in 2022, this provider has ramped up its live casino offerings. 

Pragmatic Play Live casino

A look at Pragmatic Play Live Casino

Before we start to explore some of the new live dealer games that this developer has to offer, it’s worth taking a look at the company as a whole. Founded in 2015, you probably know Pragmatic Play as a slots developer. With its headquarters based in Malta, it was slots that allowed the developer to create its reputation as one of the best online casino game providers around. 

We’ll take a look at some of the awards that Pragmatic Play has won a little later, but it took no time at all before it was up there with the biggest names in the industry. In just two short years, it became the norm to mention this provider alongside the greats such as NetEnt, Novomatic, and Playtech.

It would have been easy for Pragmatic just to stick to what it was good at – slots. However, it made a decision to explore live dealer games having seen how popular these were becoming. Pragmatic Play didn’t just dabble in this area. It went full in and reached the position where it is now a rival to the great Evolution Gaming.

The award-winning Pragmatic Play Live Casino

Okay, so lists perhaps don’t make for the most exciting read, but there are times when there is good reason for including one. This is one of those times! By looking at the awards that this developer has won, you can get a taste of just how impressive its games are. You can then also appreciate why it is worth delving in and exploring its live dealer games.

So, here’s that list:

  • 2017 – Casino Content Supplier award
  • 2017 – Software Rising Star award
  • 2018 – Innovation in Slot Provision 
  • 2018 – Best Slot Game award
  • 2019 – Best Gaming Company award
  • 2019 – Best Game Provider
  • 2019 – Best Gaming Vendor
  • 2020 – Best iGaming Software Supplier
  • 2020 – Innovation in Mobile

This provides just a glimpse at the reasons why Pragmatic Play is a series player in the iGaming industry. It also shows why, by branching out into live dealer games, the likes of Evolution Gaming probably have something to worry about as they face some stiff competition. 

The role played by Extreme Live Gaming

You can be forgiven if you’ve not heard of Extreme Live Gaming. However, this company, or more accurately the woes of this company, played a pivotal role in Pragmatic Play’s success. Extreme Live Gaming, as the name suggests, specialised in live casino games. It was previously owned by Novomatic. Now Novomatic is one of the online casino greats, but it failed to make a success of its live dealer offerings and Extreme Live Gaming fell by the wayside. 

When Pragmatic Play decided to venture into live w, it snapped up Extreme Live Gaming’s existing infrastructure. This gave Pragmatic a running start rather than having to go to the drawing board and launch a live casino from scratch.

There were changes made though and it wasn’t just the case that Extreme Live Gaming continued just under another name. Perhaps the biggest change, back at the start, was the location, Extreme had streamed its games from a London studio. Pragmatic made the move to Bucharest.

Live casino launch 

Pragmatic Play launched its first live casino games as recently as 2019. The company made the right decision when it chose to locate in Bucharest. It was here that it had its purpose-built, state of the art, studios built. Every game is delivered in full HD thanks to the use of 4K cameras. While the streaming quality certainly garnered a great deal of attention so did the camera angles. This means that players never miss out on any of the action.

The games on offer back at the time of launch included the staples of any good live casino. Players could enjoy the likes of live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. The additions of Speed Roulette and Live Baccarat Super Six added something a little different to the mix.

While the games and camera angles can make or break the live casino experience, there is one other important area that providers need to get right: the dealers. Pragmatic Play uses only the very best when it comes to the dealers. These are true professionals who keep the games running smoothly.

What’s new in 2022?

Pragmatic Play isn’t a developer that sits still. While its live dealer games were proving popular, it didn’t choose to just rest. Instead, it added to its game catalogue and February 2022 saw some exciting new additions. Most notably, a new studio was created. The Ruby Studio allowed for more tables and a high-class experience for players.

When it comes to blackjack, the new Ruby Studio has allowed for another 15 tables to play at. This has allowed for popular side bets to be introduced such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3. it’s not just blackjack that has seen new games being added. Baccarat has two new speed tables along with a new one for the classic version of the game. 

Pragmatic has worked hard to serve up some great games for its players. These new additions offer great fast-paced gameplay and rightly sees the company being considered one of the live casino greats. 

Pragmatic Play Live Casino