Once upon a time, a slot and pinball machines manufacturer had big aspirations, and its name was Bally. Indeed, founded in 1932, this Chicago-based company has had almost 90 years to make an impression on players. And because Bally entertained generation after generation, it’s a household name in the online and, of course, offline gambling industry.

Sure, Bally is more than a game creator. The truth is, the simple fact that this company has overcome the great depression while operating in the entertainment sector is astonishing.

Bally is today one of the most established brands. Depending on your age, you’ll know this company for either its casinos, games of chance, theme parks ride, gym, or for its TV network. Yet, the company you know has nothing to do with the Swiss shoemaker, although the companies bear the same name. And the logos are similar too.

Bally slots

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A welcome distraction…

To understand how Bally evolved, one must first know how the company was established. And its founder’s roots too.

To sum up, this company is the brainchild of Ray T Moloney, the son of a steelworker who moved from Cleveland to Chicago in his early 20s’. It’s only by leaving the Buckeye State that Ray T Moloney could get his management experience. But more importantly, it’s also in Chicago where he’s learned about coin-op game machine manufacturing and printing. Later, these combined skills would give birth to the first pinball machine Ballyhoo from which the company’s name still derives.

Essentially, the game is a combination of everything Moloney ever did. The first machine was a welcome distraction for the population who back then couldn’t even drink legally to escape the great depression. But they could put a few coins in the game to have fun. Sounds familiar?

Bally – Born from a need to have fun

There’s no denying that Bally’s manufacturers’ division was born from a need to be entertained. Although, the Pinball game was much controversial at first because, at the time, gambling was not legal in all states. More games such as the Rocket, the Skipper, the Bumper, and the Jombo continue making their way into people’s homes. Even if from time to time the police would confiscate them as the categories these machines sat in were slightly blurred. Back then, no one would dare to have devices that could be controlled by the mob. And, of course, notorious criminals like Al Capone.

Yet, the concern around the legality of these machines was all put aside when the company joined the war efforts whiles still producing the units. Even Moloney said that the pinball games were essential as they provided “low-cost recreation,” which was “vital to morale” in times of crises.

Classic Hits propelled by cutting edge tech

Isn’t it funny sometimes how history repeats itself? Fast-forward 60 years from the time Bally produced pinball games and 1-arm lever slots, which were controversial. It seems that in our era, we’ve only just turned the page in some states on the legality of the gambling industry. But one thing is sure, Bally’s days of producing wooden pinball games are far behind them. Yet, they are still a pack leader when it comes to cabinets. The robustness of their cabinets offering is possibly why Scientific Games bought them out in 2014 for $3.3 million.

Today, Bally’s games are some of the busiest on casino floors in Las Vegas, for example. Undeniably, it’s the public personal investment in the brand which makes their slots essential to all brick and mortar casinos. But what about online casinos?

Bally’s online slots offering

Without a doubt, this company’s online slot portfolio is not as extensive as its land-based proposition, which includes a bit of everything, such as video poker and even RNG blackjack games.

For example, in New Jersey online casinos, possibly the most established ones today, the company has 20 games live. Out of those, some stand out. So which are the most popular online slots created by Bally? Let’s find out now.

Bringing the magic of Cirque du Soleil onto the reels all over the world

When Cirque du Soleil was looking to expand its footprint beyond the strip in Vegas, they could only turn to 1 company to help them out. And it’s Bally. Indeed, as headliners on the strip themselves who earn fame abroad, they were the best company to help the Canadians with their first on reel experience. But undeniably, this association is bearing fruits with already 2 titles Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna and Cirque Du Soleil Kooza. Both games are excellent and offer great spin value to patrons with mystery wilds feature, bonus wheels, pick and win feature, static jackpots, and so much more.

In a certain way, these slots help the circus to entertain folks who can’t make it to sin city since they are available worldwide.

Bally and twwhe one and only Celestial King

Without a doubt, Bally’s Celestial King slot game never fails to make an impression. Indeed, boasting 5 jackpots and a mix of Asian and classic symbols. This game is one of the most compelling (graphics-wise) players have the chance to take for a spin in online casinos. The slot’s mechanics include an optimized portrait interface for smartphones, free spins, and a bespoke jackpot game with a colossal game grid.

If you’re a fan of Asian-inspired games, give Dragon Spin, Sun Dragon, and Jinse Dao Dragon a try.

Bally – Anchorman the legend of Ron Burgundy video slot

Boasting 4 different bonus games, including 2 different free spins modes. Anchorman draws in crowds for more reason than the obvious link with the movie by the same name.

Indeed, this medium variance slot also propelled by SG Digital’s platform is so entertaining that it’s best to activate any responsible gambling limits under your account before giving it a try. The truth is it’s not just the bonus game that is diverse. But so is the game grid, as it can expand to reach up to 19 rows high. The touch of humor is sure to make you smile even if you don’t win big. Try it, you’ll see.

Bally - Anchorman Slot

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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