A look at NetEnt’s blackjack offerings

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have enjoyed some of the games that have been created by NetEnt. For years now, this developer has been creating some of the most popular, and enjoyable games around. It’s fair to say that any casino worth it’s salt will carry titles from this creator. Let´s take a closer look at some NetEnt Blackjack Games. 

As you’d expect, given that we’re writing about it, NetEnt knows a thing or two about online blackjack. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that it’s behind some of the most popular blackjack games that exist. 

If you’re wondering what it is that makes blackjack from NetEnt so good, then keep on reading. We’re going to take a look at this developer and also explore five of its top blackjack games.

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NetEnt Blackjack Games

NetEnt Blackjack Games – One of the most popular blackjack providers

You can look back as far as a decade and see that NetEnt has consistently turned out some of the most popular online casino games that exist. Given the name that the developer has established for itself, it’s perhaps unsurprising that casino players from around the world will seek out NetEnt games. They’re known for stunning graphics, amazing sounds, and the best in gameplay.

Players are particularly keen to enjoy the blackjack offerings that NetEnt has. These deliver an experience that is second to none and it just makes sense that these are the game of choice for so many casino players.

The thing with NetEnt blackjack is that it comes with unique features that make the games really stand out. To highlight this, it’s worth looking at the games that it has put out there and considering what makes them so great. As we said in the intro, we’re going to be looking at five titles and now’s the time to get started.

NetEnt Blackjack Games #1 Double Exposure Blackjack 

This is a great variant of the casino classic. Before you start to play, you’ll need to take some time to review the rules as they’re likely to be a little different from your typical Blackjack rules. For starters, you’ll notice that the dealer’s cards are both face up at the start of the game. This certainly changes things and can reveal a great deal about where the game could head.

Forming part of NetEnt’s Pro Series, this is a game that’s directed at the more experienced players. If you’re one of those, you can expect payouts at 1:1 and an RTP of 99.33%. This percentage is amazing, even when compared against the likes of slots, and other casino games.

#2 – Blackjack Professional Series

Now, as the name gives away, this NetEnt game of blackjack is not for novices or those who are inexperienced. There are rule changes here that make blackjack that much more exciting, but at the same time, they also make the game a little more difficult.

The game features a side bet known as ‘Double Jack’. What this offers is the chance to wager up to 100% of your main wager. You’re able to do this if you end up with a pair of jacks, or you start the game with at least one in your hand. The side bet doesn’t impact the main game, but it adds another chance of winning that all adds to the excitement. 

#3 – NetEnt’s Blackjack Classic

This version of blackjack is the closest that you’ll get to the usual version whilst playing at an online casino. This means that this one isn’t just for pros or those with a great deal of experience. Instead, this is a game that is suitable for every player regardless of their experience or skill levels. 

Offering an attractive 99.65% RTP, this game also pays out at 3:1 for a blackjack. This makes it one of the most favorable versions of the game to enjoy. You’ll also have the chance to benefit from features such as insurance and split. How much these increase your win potential is debatable, but they certainly add an extra layer of fun to the game.

#4 – Single Deck Blackjack Professional 

While card counting online is more than just a little difficult if this is a strategy that you use then this is the game for you. The use of a single deck is most card counter’s dream and the simplicity here means that it’s a great game for experienced and novice players alike.

Just because you’re playing blackjack online doesn’t mean that you should ignore basic Blackjack strategy. If you play this perfectly, you can get the house edge down to as low as 0.41%. The downside here is the rip that comes in at 99.56%. This isn’t bad by any means, but it just doesn’t match what other NetEnt blackjack games have to offer. 

#5 – Pontoon

This is seen as being a traditional, British, version of blackjack. Something attractive about this game is that it allows you to win through a 5-card check. It also allows you to play with three hands a once and offers a payout at 2:1.

A major watch here is the country that you’re playing in. The rules vary considerably from country to country and the chances are that the US experience will be very different to the UK one. Once you’re clear on the rules, you can sit back and enjoy the game. You’ll certainly find that you take a great deal of time simply admiring the top-quality graphics.

Final thoughts on NetEnt Blackjack Games

If you look at top online casinos around the world, there won’t be many that don’t feature NetEnt games. Certainly, when it comes to random number generator versions of blackjack, this is a developer that is in a league of its own. Its games have attractive RTPs as well as stunning gameplay which just leaves players wanting more.

One point worthy of note is that NetEnt is now owned by Evolution. The latter specialises in live casino dealer casino games and has made a point of acquiring the best in the business when it comes to RNG titles, whether it be blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots or videopoker.   

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NetEnt Blackjack