Can you play low-limit blackjack in Vegas?

What would Vegas be without blackjack? For fans of the game, it’s something that doesn’t bear thinking about. As long as there are casinos to play at, there will always be plenty of blackjack tables where players can take their seats. The thing is, what’s happening in Vegas right now is having an impact that many players aren’t too pleased with. Read all about Vegas low-limit blackjack.

What we’re seeing more and more are payouts set at 6:5 rather than 3:2. There have been other, subtle, rule changes that have started to have an impact on the house edge and, to top it all off, we’ve seen bet limits creeping higher and higher.

Just what’s going on in Vegas right now, and can you still find any low-limit tables to play at? Read on, as that’s exactly what we’re about to explore now.

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Vegas Low-Limit Blackjack

The Covid effect

There are few areas of our lives where Covid didn’t come along and have a negative impact. Land-based casinos are certainly one of the sectors that experienced a harsh existence during the worst of times. With lockdowns imposed, there was no choice other than for these casinos to lock their doors and lose their customers. When the doors could finally reopen, there was a sense of change in the air.

As we all know, blackjack comes with one of the lowest house edges, and that’s part of its appeal. When you combine this with low limits, there are times when casinos are almost playing t break even. With all that had been lost to Covid, casinos in Vegas could no longer justify offering low limits: it’s all about business. 

That being said, not everyone followed suit. Here’s a look at the places where you can still play a hand of blackjack with limits as low as $5:

Strat – Vegas low-limit blackjack

Generally speaking, the more central a casino is to the Las Vegas Strip, the higher the limits that you’ll come across. When looking at the north end of the strip, this is where the more affordable games start to appear. It is at this end that the Strat opened its doors in 1996.

This is a casino that has long held a reputation for offering great value casino games. You can still even find $5 limit blackjack here if you’re prepared to play during some of the quieter times of the day. When playing low-limit blackjack here, there are 8 decks, the chance to double down, surrender, split and re-split aces. 

Cannery – Vegas low-limit blackjack

The Cannery Casino and Hotel is a location that has never really existed to serve visitors. it has long been viewed as a local venue. Launched back in 2003, this comes with an astonishing 80,000 square foot floor, along with 5 restaurants, and 3 bars. There are certainly plenty of reasons to pay a visit.

When it comes to blackjack and what’s on offer, there are 3 $5 tables that you can enjoy. There’s a single deck game that offers a 3:2 layout along with a 2 deck game that offers the same. There’s also a 6 deck game where players are able to surrender, re-split, and double down.

Poker Palace – Vegas low-limit blackjack

Another local venue that can be found in North Vegas, Poker Palace first opened back in 1974 and underwent a bit of a facelift in 2001. This is a casino that doesn’t offer the luxury and grandeur of some of the others that you’ll find in Vegas. In fact, it covers just 25,000 square feet and comes with just 7 table games.

So, why have we listed Poker Palace here? Well, if you’re looking for the lowest of low limits, this is the casino for you. Out of those 7 tables, 2 are blackjack and one of them can be played with as little as $1.

Downtown Grand – Vegas low-limit blackjack

Situated in the downtown area of Vegas, as the name suggests, this casino used to be known as Lady Luck Casino. Up and running since the 1960s, this is a building that has recently undergone some major renovation works and now forms the centrepiece of the new downtown entertainment district.

If you visit the Downton Grand, you’ll be greeted with 3 games of blackjack. With low limits being the aim of this article, you’ll see that one of these tables pays even money while allowing you to wager as little as $1. The only restrictions here are that the tables can only be played from Thursday through to Monday each week. 

Golden Nugget – Vegas low-limit blackjack

Having been launched back in 1946, this was once one of the most prestigious casinos that you’d come across in Vegas. While that may no longer be the case anymore, it is certainly one of the most iconic casinos that you’ll find. 

If you’re looking for low-limits blackjack, you’ll find that there are 8 tables here. These offer both 6:5 and 3:2 payouts and they allow you to play with as little as $5. The downside here though is that you have to place a $1 side wager for every hand that you play.

Oyo – Vegas low-limit blackjack

You’ll find Oyo placed on 115 East Tropicana Avenue. This casino has been up and running since the 1970s but has seen several name changes, as well as renovations, along the way. It appears that the focus here is more on the hotel aspect of things, but there are still positives to be said about the casino.

When it comes to blackjack, you’ll find a $1 game that pays even money. If you want to wager a little more, the $5 game pays out at 6:5.

Final thoughts

The impact of Covid is certainly been felt across Vegas and this has led to changes that players are less than pleased to see. That being said, if you know where to look you can still find low limits blackjack in Vegas. You can even find low-limit games that come with favourable blackjack payouts and blackjack rules. At the end of the day, no matter how you like to play. High-limit or low-limit. You´ll be sure to find what you´re looking for when playing blackjack at online casinos, and if you want the Vegas experience from him, hit up a live casino

21+ | Terms & Conditions Apply | NJ Residents Only
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